Good AMP for 250 ohm DT880, for about 100$ and which can be bought inside EU?

I’ve recently bought 250 ohm DT880. I am currently running it from my motherboard (Maximus VIII hero), it’s good enough, but could be a bit louder.

I am thinking about investing into an AMP for around 100$. I want it to perform well in games, as well as for music and video content.

The main problem is that the most recommended AMPs in this price range are the Liquid Spark and the Schiit Fulla 3 and I can’t buy either of those two here in Czech Republic.

Can someone based in EU tell me if there is some local / locally sold and similarly good alternative?
Thank you

Are you able to get ifi Zen dac/amp?

Yes, but it’s 200$ here. That’s well over my budget sadly.

What about topping or Smsl?

Not sold here, but I could try get one from Aliexpress, but will be risking paying customs that way.

Ah I see, you might be better off finding a used reciever, denon, onkyo, Yamaha, etc on a Craigslist/Facebook market place typee thing maybe

True, but that’s also kinda risky solution. It could be broken. People on these sites are really dishonest in my country.

Grab a Monoprice Liquid Spark for imo the best results on that price margin or Schiit Magni 3+ for a warmer sound. Both should be in your budget

I already said in the main post that I can’t buy either here at all.
Schiit doesn’t sell anything here and it’s the same with Monoprice.

Hmm, any access to Fiio by chance? E10K perhaps?

Yeah, Fiio is sold here.
The e10k is a bit under 100$ here.

Fiio e10k while not the greatest solution should be able to power them… If its just for gaming though I would just say save the money and pick up a soundblaster x3 or g6 since they are both amp and dac together.

Yeah I also think that the e10k isn’t that of a step up from my relatively good MoBo. On the other hand, I am not sure if I want to spend more than 100$ on an AMP or AMP/DAC combo.

A FiiO K3 would run them ok but not a lot of headroom.

How does it compare to the e10k?

Can you get JDS Labs Atom there?

Sadly, no.
Don’t know why it’s so bad here with AMPs and DACs.

How bad are import taxes and shipping and the like? Could you buy a used model from Ebay or something similar and have it shipped in?

Schiit has an eye store btw

Import taxes from outside of EU are: 25% of price, assumed they guessed it right + about 10$ fee + about a month of waiting for the process. Sometimes it’s worse.