Good headphones arround 70€ (arround 85$)

Hi, im looking for a pair of good headphones for casual listening not critical listening. I listen to a variety of genres but a big part is eletronic.
I will use my laptop as my source, so no amp needed
I dont know if I should go for open or closed back, but I never experienced open backs.
I´m pretty comfortable buying used items, so it would be nice to get a “nicer” pair of headphones for less.
What are your recomendations? Thanks :slight_smile:
PS: Sorry if this has been asked 1000 times already ://

Koss kph30i

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1.either one of “koss trinity”, KPH30i , Porta Pros or KSC 75, all great all cheap. just upgrade the pads.
2. Cooler master hm751 - also had the added benefit of having a mic

I agree with all/any of the Koss. I had a Cooler Master MH751 also which was just fine, but for that price I’d go with the Philips SHP9500. They’re very comfy and nice for casual listening; sometimes I even forgot I was wearing them.

where do I get them in europe? amazon is too expensive to ship, ebay has a lot of fakes from what I’ve heard

Did you check amazon DE ? most times it should be fairly OK but it depends on your country

Are you willing to grab something off the used market? That would allow you to punch higher given your limited budget. If not as said by alphamarshan I’d go for the SHP9500. I had the X2HR for a little bit, and they weren’t for me, but they seemed good for the money. I’ve heard the X2, X2HR, SHP9600, and SHP9500 are almost the exact same sounding so that would lead me to believe the SHP9500 would be a good bet. They have bigger ear pads so comfort wise they probs beat out the X2HR even.

I ordered them from (im in sweden). Paid 43 usd for it.

45€ in, a bit too much for this headphones :confused:

Are you willing to lean on ebay money back gurantee? If that’s the case, you could always go the ebay route and brave the sketchy waters.

Found this site, Kopfhörer – kopfhoererboutique ~36 euro

If this thread is to be believed they should be legit:

DT880/990 and please avoid SHP9500!!

Not that, I’m disagreeing, I returned a very similar pair of headphones(X2HR), but what is with the strong reaction to the SHP9500’s? Is there a story there?

Because it has a grainy, soft, polite, very boring type of sound (timbre is off). I cannot use them even for youtube dialogue. They have $10 sound, just my opinion.

Yeah, welcome to Audio. Where EVERYTHING you read, watch, etc is SUBJECTIVE. I honestly loved my SHP9500s, but they are for sure built to a budget. Mine is falling apart around the headband. Still work, but they will be given a decent home and basically retired. I’ll pull them out if I ever get back into FPS or something, but I’ll be sticking to closed-backs & IEMs.

SHP9500, they just sound great. also theres the Sivga headphones

The SHP’s are pretty light in bass for electronic music unless your preferred form of electronica is ambient.

Won’t get much slam or thump from SHP9500’s.

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Yeah, OP wants something that can reasonably be an all rounder, but more emphasis on electronica, which would probably not be well aligned with several of the afore mentioned. If they could be found in range, something like M40x might work…Sivga 007 possibly, or one of the Samson/Monoprice Retro variants with a pad swap. X2HR usually don’t fall quite that low in price unless used, but it’s really not a bad option, IMO.

AKG K-361 or K371 from used market.

OP wanted “good” headphones for around $85 for casual listening. They’re going directly into the motherboard so no amp or DAC. SHP9500 fits the bill perfectly; they’re $62 and don’t require an amp.

DT880s are $230 new and 100% require an amp.

It doesn’t do anyone any good to recommend $400 of equipment when they’ve stated their budget well below that.

For that price, you might want to look into a pair of IEMs, if you like that kind of thing that is.

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