Good Upgrade Around 60$ for the KZ ZSN Pro X?

I want to make and upgrade of my KZ ZSN Pro X this year, I start with the ZST Pro (highly EQ) and I want to get a better IEM under 60$ for now. I see the ZSX but I dont know if this worth it this year.

My specs for the IEM for preference are:

  • Cable Type C like the ZSN Pro X (i have around 2 extra cable so i want to use them)

  • Good Response to EQ

KZ ZEX, KZ DQ6, Tripowin Mele, Final Audio E1000/2000/3000, Blon BL05s. That’s from my short list.
I have the ZSN Pro X, FA E2000, BL05s and I have ordered the DQ6 already.
What kind of sound signature do you like? What do you like/not like about the KZ ZSN Pro X?
What kind of music do you like?

Edit: I’m not sure about EQ since I don’t use it.

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For first thing I dont like the X because they have a extreme sibilant sound for my pleasures, I have the X equalized to the QDC Gemini and they sound beautiful for me, I like a lot of music styles so i dont know what genres can be to reference

I agree I found the ZSN to be sibilant even though I’m not super sensitive to treble.
They sound ok but they don’t do anything special tbh
You will want to avoid the BL05 because they are bright

Apart from those models, I am interested in the ZSX as I feel it would be better for me in terms of fit, do you know anything about its sound? I have seen many people who recommend it but it is a bit of an old option.

Not sure about this model. What I’ve learned in this forum and reviews is that KZ’s tend to all sound alike, it’s known as the KZ sound. Also the tech in these IEMs improves so quickly that I wouldn’t recommend an older model.

The Mele is @hawaiibadboy colab with Tripowin and he likes rock, hip-hop and trip-hop.

DQ6 and ZEX should be in your radar, my other recs are Mele and LBBS (earbud, very EQ-able)

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That are like a ultra cheap IEM? The ZSN Pro X is around that price but i dont think i will get a upgrade with that iems sorry

Ultra cheap, but beats anything under 100 for rock and metal. Just look at these impressions I linked above. :wink:

You could also consider iBasso IT00

I ordered the ZEX mostly due to the good early reviews, and I was curious to hear the electrostatic driver, and since it doesn’t have a balance armature, it won’t have that BA harshness that my ears don’t like. I figured for $25 it was worth conducting the experiment.

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I didn’t order ZEX because NRA’s tuning isn’t ideal for me and ZEX is basically a smoother NRA, but I trust HBB’s rec on ZEX for everyone.

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That makes a ton of sense, I usually try to have complimentary sets, with a few in the area of my personal target, which is pretty close to HBB’s.

Since KZ was the brand that got me into IEMs, I am happy to see them doing some better, less harsh sets these days. I wouldn’t mind having a KZ somewhere my rec list.

The KZ ZS10 Pro is still my favorite set to plug into a Roku remote. I think the Roku must pull back the treble the right amount, and that combo just sounds great.

I would avoid DQ6 then. I own it, like it very much and love that it is having a late bloom over here, but they have a lot of energy in sibilance area. I don’t own ZSN Pro X but they graph similar.

You may want to try KZ ZAX, which I have never heard myself, but fits your budget and received a bit of praise last year to beginning of this year. Lot less energy between 4-6k.

Get DQ6 and mod it with either my DIY foam mod or place the Tanchjim Oxygen (or “old” Hana) filter (can buy it from penon separately and also included in the Tanya) on the nozzle.


How you make the custom??

Put the filter on it.

Or if you are refering to the 1dividedby16 foam mod.