Just sell all my close back im looking for a fun closeback headphones below 500$
or bassy open-back PLANAR M1060 without those weird ringing

maybe for closed
Fostex TR-X00 Ebony-i would like to buy these but it is hard to find
DT 177X GO
Meze 99 Noir

maybe for open
Blon B20

I mean, I would say look for something like an x00 ebony or purpleheart or emu teak, nighthawk carbon, verum one, or something along those lines.


what ya think about the M1060C?

Personally not my fave, it has issues and doesn’t really preform that well from my experience.

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as i thought ive got bad experience on m1060 before…i really like the looks of nighthawk carbon and the reviews are pretty good right up my alley:

Yeah the hawk carbons are pretty unique, def something to consider

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These are my absolute favorite headphones I have ever tried. They are very special to me.

comon sell it to me baby LOL

I recently asked for a price from creative on the e-mu teak’s (for no particular reason) and they’re $450 for fixed cable and $500 for removable cable… M0N mentioned them and they’re similar to the ebony’s… might be worth looking into

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I did find the 177x more comfortable out of the box. Regardless I pad swapped to larger pads. Even after different pads I find myself reaching for the 177x over the 99 simply because I prefer single connectors vs. dual. I do not regret either set though. The 99s are great to walk the dog with probably because of the larger head support band.

As to Blon B20, I have the SendyAudio Aiva’s. Aiva’s are my favorite. Just wish the Aiva’s would breath a bit as my ears get hot after a while even in cold PNW winters. I kind of want to pad swap these as well but have not been needing to this far.

I think they are super unique. Mainly the presentation of the music. They recreate spaces in a very unique way, as if you are in an auditorium or a club. There is a kind of reverb to them that is hard to describe. They are just hard to describe in general lol. The sub bass is very nice and tight, yet not lacking in quantity at all, the whole bass region is very pleasing. I think they have a sort of W shaped sound signature. I would definitely say they are my favorite headphones I have for bass too, it is very good.

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Heres the order form for the teaks. i’d recommend the ones with detachable cable:

The Fostex is more a fun exciting headphone its comes in order of bassyness: ebony, teak and purple hearts versions. the Denon AH-D5200 is a more natural neutral headphone and is the least expensive of their 3 models. the EMU is in beween the Fostex and Denon. all can be found on ebay used.

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Ebay has a couple of TR Purple Hearts listed. If you want that Ebony sound you can always order the Ebony cups from EMU separately. $299 & $349 starting respectively.

My advice would be to look for remaining stock of the Denon D7200 if still available. There were some great offers at on point ( I got mine for £330). Beautifully made, very comfortable with a sound that is well balanced but with enough low end kick to give it some fun. I prefer it to the Fostex alternatives, although it was very expensive when released.

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The Audioquest Nighthawk is a wonderful headphone I would recommend but it is very different to the Fostex models.

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Unfortunately in the us they are pricey to get, so imo I think the x00 might be more attainable

I am not sure I would have paid the original SRP for the D7200 as they were expensive. Wonderful headphones though, of the models I own they are probably my favourite along with the Nighthawk.

@Soren_Peregrine@ Brad358 @M0N

Just got my NIGHTHAWK CARBON today !
this is sound like argonmk3 but without the treble spikes,more comfortable,more detail,better bass PUNCH,better resolution,i think this just have straight up better driver tech which any mods cant reach
overall i am very happy it will be a very long time before il chose another fun headphone thnx guys !


Nice, glad you enjoy it, it’s pretty sweet


Awesome, great to hear! Have you used them with the suede pads? Those give the best bass experience imo.
The Nighthawk gang grows. :fist::metal: