Got the Koss KSC75s today: What the F*** Koss?!

Yes, you see the title of this post of mine about it after getting it, like seriously, WTF Koss?!! for $15 you’re telling me that I can get a good set of ear clips that imo is at endgame levels of sounds with just that?! Man, why? why didn’t I even bothered back then looking for these quickly as possible? I bet if I was like still in my days where I don’t know much about high-fidelity audio or didn’t care back then, I would definitely be blown away by these like, no more, no more of the use of other headphones anymore because that will be the time that I have reached endgame now, and I can see why there are some people are considering it as one.

There will be a time, if one of my friends are curious about high-fidelity audio, I would get them these for them and let them hear the sound goodness that the KSC75s offer. Goddammit, I should’ve bought this back then when I was a newbie, but better late than never.


Welcome to the club. In terms of price/performance Koss is umatched.

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I have now seen or in this case, heard of everything. I am now much more enlightened.

@K4sh1ma literally same thing happened to me bro. I had a bunch of shit including the 58d, tin t2 etc and when I got the Koss I was like wtf lol

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I am having a bit of that moment when I am like, “WHY? Why have I not discovered you back then when I was much younger?!” yeah that kind of moment.

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Bruh same thing haha. Same exact thoughts I had when I got the ksc75!

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…wonder if I should try it…

KSC75 are damn good for the cost sir, and they are pretty good for a lot of applications. They need a removable cable…

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I guess they are more similar to earbuds rather than headphones. Since the sub-bass rolls off (according to crinacle).

I agree with that, they have some interesting soundstage and gaming applications in my book. :slight_smile:

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My money is going to the yincrow RW-9 though. So dont think I will try the KSC75.

ksc 75 for the win tho lol. Scaling on these is nuts too


At least give these a try like jesus christ, HOW?! how is this 15USD? Like are you kidding me levels, I mean I have been using it for the whole day right now and man the songs I have been listening to with this are just that good. WTF Koss?

lol, have you tried earbuds? Those are real value killers. :joy:

Yeah but this exists, so it’s kind of hard to choose for me.

I have given MANY of these to others!! :wink:


I bet they are like me as well, like mind blown and like WTF-ing at the moment when I first put these on my ears. xD


You should try the Koss porta pro (preferably with the yaxi pads mod) and the Koss kph30i .

Of the trio, the koss porta pro with yaxi pads are (to my ears) the best sounding, but i prefer the comfort and “fit” of the kph30i. The KSC75 i use the least as after a while the “hook” that goes behind my ear starts to annoy me (i know you can get headband from various webshops that will fit, but since i have options i haven’t bothered…yet) :slight_smile:

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:upside_down_face: Interesting how each has their own preference of the 3.
We all have different sound signature tastes…and hearing abilities!

The KSC scale way too well, way too much for what they are, I guess it’s pretty unreasonable to use these things on chains that are easily 200-300x the cost of them but it’s so fun lol