GR-research X-Statik kit

anyone try this kit? I’m in Bolivia and I was thinking to try DIY because here is hard to get good or even try to listen good speakers reasonably priced, and with this kit I can make the cabinet for cheap.

I’m giving it a shot, we’ll see how it goes. I probably won’t have anything to report for a month at least lol.

Im very interested in this kit as well. How are most people powering these speakers? Thats another question I have.

From the product page: “The X-Statik speakers are 8 ohms and have 91db sensitivity. -3db down is 48Hz for an average room.” Once I get them put together and tested, I plan to run them off of the same Ghent GA-S250P amplifier that I currently run in my living room (125w/channel @ 8ohm).

i have not heard them, but they are suppose to sound pretty great.

as an alternative in the same price range. these are also suppose to sound good