GR-research X-Statik kit

anyone try this kit? I’m in Bolivia and I was thinking to try DIY because here is hard to get good or even try to listen good speakers reasonably priced, and with this kit I can make the cabinet for cheap.

I’m giving it a shot, we’ll see how it goes. I probably won’t have anything to report for a month at least lol.

Im very interested in this kit as well. How are most people powering these speakers? Thats another question I have.

From the product page: “The X-Statik speakers are 8 ohms and have 91db sensitivity. -3db down is 48Hz for an average room.” Once I get them put together and tested, I plan to run them off of the same Ghent GA-S250P amplifier that I currently run in my living room (125w/channel @ 8ohm).

i have not heard them, but they are suppose to sound pretty great.

as an alternative in the same price range. these are also suppose to sound good

So how did the DYI projects turn out? I just ordere a kit from Hivi Swan:

Unfortunately, business scheduling and COVID goofiness have kept me from getting too deep into my build. I’ve got the crossovers de-populated and re-populated, but I’m still trying to secure a cabinet builder (I am space and tool-constrained where I am atm). I knew that this may turn into a long term project when I undertook it, so I am in no rush.

I’m in a similar situation, but went ahead and ordered my first flat pack from Hivi/Swan. So In theory, I am short on large cabinet clamps, wood glue and what ever I decide for the exterior finish. If it goes well, I wanted to try a flat pack from GR Research. Then the never ending journey of pairing with that “perfect” combination of source, DAC, Amp and room treatment.

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Good luck on your build! If you end up going with a GR Research kit and want a flatpack, I know that there are numerous options for the X-LS Encores. I’m probably going to end up trying to commission complete cabinets from Mike Lundy if I can’t get them built locally, and then I’ll finish lining them and doing the final dampening, fitting and wiring.

Well so far I’m pretty disappointed I placed the order Dec 12 and it said it took 2 days for it to ship out. I have not heard back from anyone at Swan. I’ve sent several emails asking for information and nothing back. They certainly did not have any trouble processing the charge on my credit card though. :frowning:
I’m about to cancel the order and try just doing as you said. After checking out the website and various reviews I’m curious about Danny’s new line of open baffle speakers. Mu problem might be that I do not have a room large enough for proper placement of them.

Room on the sides is not as critical with open baffle speakers as it is with cabinets. You do want generous space to the back wall though. But that shouldn’t be too much of an issue - you can pull them out for listening and push them against the wall when not in use.