🔶 Grado SR60e / SR80e

This is the official thread for the Grado SR60e / SR80e. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open Back

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Jasha Velhor

Got one pair of these. Way too much highs for me. I had to buy different pads on eBay, but I ended up only using these tiny little, thin… things, and put them under the stock pads, to make them sound more neutral. Maybe, MAYBE I get a bit less micro-details from the highs… but after one year, I can finally crank them, enjoy them, and not feel like my ears will bleed after five minutes of listening to… absolutely anything.

These were my entry into audiophilia all those years ago. The cable failed on my original pair, so naturally I got a replacement. These ruined me for headphones. I don’t think I can even ever go back to closed back.

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Grado like many, were one of my first “audiophile” headphones. I liked so much of the SR60’s sound, but the cheese grader highs killed it for me. @ZeosPantera’s recent review has inspired me to take a look at their premium offerings.

They upgraded the SR80e’s to make them more bassy? It’s supposed to be the opposite:

Well, if that’s the case, they finally have something different, lol.


Otherwise, for “neutral-ish” grados with bass (!), there’s the new GW100s (wireless open-backs!).

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Huge comparison of almost all Grado headphones (incl. SR60i, SR80, SR80i).

Hey if anybody wants the SR60e they are on sale new on eBay for 45.99 usd free shipping, or best offer.

I picked up a pair of SR80e for $50 and I must say that I’m a fan. They are pretty amazing for classic rock. Along with my positive experience with Nighthawks, I almost feel an urge to try out more polarizing headphones haha.

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one of my all-time favorite brands
sr 60e’s were my first real pair of headphones


Where did you find them for such a price? eBay?

I got them used off AVexchange.

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It’s probably one of the best headphones to get opened (I wouldn’t get them used), so many people sell them reflexively because they sound so odd at first.

I almost did that… they’re just hanging on my wall now lol

/shrug, condition is excellent, I’ll wash the pads or maybe replace them down the line. Different strokes.

$50 is definitely a great deal if they’re in great condition, GG. You can replace practically everything on it anyway, I’ve been thinking about getting my nephew to make me some wood cups at college.

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Zeos said the SR80e is warmer, whereas the SR60e is brighter. So the 80e would probably work better for rock.

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Depends on the kind of rock. Even within classic rock, The Velvet Underground suits the SR60 better, while Bowie sounds nicer on the 80. I like Motorhead on both because they have some great basslines but Lemmy’s tenor is just gravy on the SR60.


These are very resolving headphones in their price range. There’s also the Alessandro models, which are at least a tad less bright.

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So I did this on a whim because the foam is a little scratchy. Looks dumb as hell to me right now haha. Maybe a better sewing job would help. On the plus side I found out after the fact that spandex is relatively acoustically transparent. Will see if I stick with it.

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Makes them look like actual ‘lab’ headphones or something now, lol.

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