Great cables designed specifically for the Blon BL-03

Finding great replacement cables for the Blon BL-03 is difficult. I don’t remember where I came across the thread of someone suggesting these cables for them but I jumped on them as soon as I saw them and thought I’d share a picture of my Blons pimped out with them. They look sharp, are very soft, are the same IEM connections as the stock Blon cables and can selected with three different connection types. 4.4 balanced shown…


Yep I have one on the way, probably another week or so. Ordered about a week ago.

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I think I was the one that put up the link. Mine haven’t come in yet! Jealous. Hopefully they will be here soon. These look great, glad to hear you are happy with them. I got mine terminated in 4.4mm also in the dark color. Looks sharp!

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Just got the blons this week, probably gonna get these cables In the near future

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Thank you. I can’t recall where you posted the link or else I would have dropped my photo there. Thank you so much for the tip. The cables are really nice. A bit thin, but in general really very nice for such an epic IEM.

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Congratulations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Be sure to let us know your thoughts once you’ve gotten to listen to them.

I need a purple Blon now! :grin:

So far I’m really enjoying them a lot, previously I used the Sony WF-1000XM3 and I enjoy those mainly for it being a TWS and the ANC. But sound quality on the BLONs are amazing for the price. Now I’m questioning why I paid so much for the Sony’s.

PS. Just using through my headphone jack on my Note 9.

@PapaEmeritus since you have the BLONs, I’m currently looking for Tips. Do you have any recommendations?

I’m currently using the Sony Triple comfort tips that came with my Sony’s.

If the fit is bad for you, then using an O-ring together with Azla sedna tips is one of the best way to help the fit.

But here are the tips I like for the 03:

Final Audio Type E
JVC Spiral Dot/++
Azla Sedna

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This was me several months ago. I was happily using my wireless full size ANC Sennheisers and then I got the BLON and I couldn’t go back. Now here I am and I’ve bought and sold at least 10 other headphones and IEMs. I now have headphones more expensive than I ever thought I’d buy (still not expensive compared to many) and I went from not thinking dacs and amps do much to now contemplating how I can save to put together the $1,000 desktop stack I really want. It’s a slippery slope and it started with the BLON for me. You’ve been warned. :wink:


Sorry you’re having issues.

Most say they have fit issues with the Blon. I don’t. I have two tip recs that work for me, but they might not work for you. Because of the shallow insertion, I have to use larger sized tips on the Blon.

Spinfit CP145 Large
Xelastec Large

The Xelastec change the sound more than any tips I’ve ever tried. They make everything more lively. They also have a sticky touch that should form a strong seal in your ears. I have to peel them out of my ears after they’ve been in my ears for a while. They are also larger than the average tips.

@PapaEmeritus no worries, it’s just my ears are larger than average and plus gives me more reason to visit my local audio gear shop to audition some equipment while looking for the tips.

Thank you all for the recommendations, most likely I’ll go with the Spinfits as those are readily available to me at my local audio shop.

@Mr_Makua yeah I totally understand, I was like that but what got me started was the HD58X which I only got last month and the now really looking to get my first desktop setup which I am really looking forward to