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Here’s a couple of my favorite acoustic guitar vids.

One man band Luca Stricagnoli has done a ton of great stuff like this

Gotta have Rodrigo y Gabriela in the first post…


Sam Westphalen

Justin Johnson

Nils Lofgren

Mateus Asato


Some of the best guitar things I’ve found on the Internet are from Ye Olde Youtube in the days of 240p videos, when Funtwo (Lim Jeong-hyun) was starting to dabble in classical remakes on his electric guitar:

And on the acoustic guitar front, I also stumbled on the Candyrat Records channel like OP, and got really into this guy’s work (and bought albums etc.):


Jeff doing what he does…


Andy McKee has got some great stuff. Previously I was only familiar with ‘Hunter’s Moon’ because of this video. Basically this was a submission to a MMD animation contest.

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Some old and new Ewan Dobson


Great stuff, I remember all the comments about how “it seems Lord Raiden has learned to play guitar” or “I approve of how this lamp post plays guitar”. :laughing:

I had a second guy I liked from Candyrat Records: Alex Anderson. Not as amazing as Andy McKee but he did make me buy about 20 songs of his.

And my most recent one whom I found just randomly zapping YouTube is Rob Scallon - I stumbled upon this thing and was left wanting more:

(The original “Rain” is the version I like the least, there’s something way too harsh in his guitar sound there, and the one I like the most is the cello version of it, still by Rob Scallon, not a cover.)
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When someone links any other version of “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” and I have to go “No no no, you don’t understand, there’s only ONE way to do that right. ONE.”. :slight_smile:

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There are several recordings of this that are excellent. So I guess I disagree with the “only ONE” idea. But… Pepe Romero (with Neville Marriner) is my own favorite too. So agree on that!

I mean it was obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek to say that, since he hits some easily detectable wrong notes in there, but in essence I’m saying I value the emotional style of play that comes out in his pacing and loudness control more than I do strict technical accuracy in hitting the right notes. Accuracy is a close second for me, so the next best style I guess would be the way some John Williams guy does it.

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I didn’t even listen to the video version, so wasn’t thinking wrong notes at all. And yeah of course it was a bit tongue in cheek!

I assume the John Williams line was tongue in cheek too, though you never know with the Star Wars composer guy becoming much more famous…

But yes, John Williams recorded the piece at least twice, and as always he’s technically flawless every time. I think he also has tremendous feeling! But then again, I agree with you anyway — Pepe Romero still is my own favorite for this one.

Stephanie Jones

A couple more of my favorites…

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Mystery Circus - Hwajong Kim

Another great piece. Not guitar but close enough lol

I like this as a Rock song: