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Z Reviews


New 50mm nickel diaphragm, lowered weight from the Zeus, and a new xlr cable.

Looks like they listened about the weight of the Zeus and now the headband is made of a “polymer” rather than stainless steel. Gonna have to wait and see about freq response and price. The black and tan color scheme looks good.

Late on this but I decided to comment since I just got a promotional link from Linsoul about it and presumed why not. It’s currently on Kickstarter and from the looks of it, it somewhat resembles the Sendy Peacock. Could be a mass-produced build. However, it’s all about sound, after all. Hopefully HarmonicDyne has made it sounds as good, if not, better than the Zeus.

As far as pricing goes: the Kickstarter Super Early Bird is 100 units at $279, then the Early Bird is another 100 units at $299. Retail price is $425.

The shipping is $124 to the US what a scam. So it comes to $403 what an early bird discount.

That explains why everything wasn’t sold out when I got on the KS page this morning.

It is now $46 to ship to US now. That is weird but much easier to swallow.

I’m pretty certain it’s manufactured in China. Why is shipping to US at $46 whereas shipping to Singapore is $52. If you add the shipping cost to the super early bird promotion of $279, that’s total of $331. Compared to retail of $430 (usually I get free shipping to Singapore), its only $100 difference and you’re betting on blind faith since only very few have reviewed on the Poseidon. And taking into consideration that linsoul often has sales and promotions, the kickstarter price doesn’t seem very attractive to me. I would have been more tempted to click the pledge button if they provide free shipping.

Looks like they sent one to Z already…

I got in on the early bird hoping more review samples were sent out though

I backed, canceled, rebacked, recanceled, and finally backed a third time dealing with the complete shit show this project was. They had everything farked up and then their rep was prematurely announcing fixes before they were live. Ugh.

After watching Z’s review, I’m hoping more reviews get posted before the November close of the project, as I may end up canceling. I LOVE the sound signature of the Zeus and I don’t use tubes, so I’m not exactly sure this will will be an upgrade (heck, it may even be a downgrade).

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Linsoul posted a frequency response


So it’s basically a Zeus with a bunch of upper treble added…that graph layout looks terrible lol

DMS also graphed his

I currently use the Nighthawk carbons and enjoy those, but I need to replace those as they are wearing out. Will I like the Zues or posiden in comparison?

Hard nope from me. A case study in how not to do bass. Zeus was better for my taste.


gonna have a very hard nope from me as well on that… wow. I will definitely just stay with the Zeus, thanks resolve.

Maybe? I mean they do have good bass tones like the nighthawk but the hawks are much darker sounding than the harmonicdynes so it will depend on how you are with a brighter treble sound.