🔶 HarmonicDyne x Zeos ERIS

This post is for Discussion & Reviews for Harmonicdyne x Z Reviews ERIS

  • Type: Over-Ear, Dual 3.5mm Connection
  • Amp needed:No 32Ω High Efficiency 50mm Dynamic
  • Semi-Open, Glass Back, Reversable
  • 4.4mm Standard Wire (with Adapter)
  • $250 USD

:red_circle: Hifiguides Linsoul Link


Z Review


PROMO @ CanJam London 2024 July 20-21st

Telegram Channel for Eris


Too many things to look forward to this year and the next, but I might have to sit this one out. I just spent $3,600 on audio gear, so my hobby budget is tapped out. :sweat_smile:

You my friend are on quite the journey…

Just so you know they should be $250 … So at least they won’t kill most people on a budget.


Got to sell some shit to make room for these bad boys. Good luck with the collab.

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Pink Cable? So Zeos.

posted in “open back” ?

  • Semi-Open, Glass Back, Reversable

Your call :man_shrugging:

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Then the MDR Z7 is also an open back headphone now with its big side vents.

When the “open” back of the cup is completely “closed” I would call it a closed back but I guess it is up to the creator to name their babies.


Well that is ANOTHER Collab that snuck its way into the photo some how. The cable for these should be copper.

As for “OPEN” vs “CLOSED” you can hear almost everything in the environment but at a 5db reduction. But I was using them on a plane and pretty sure I wasn’t bothering my neighbor. So I can rock them in a store and only be 50% a dick.

When music is playing it downs out most external noises.

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Reserve Now for $1, $250 Final Price.

Also Stock Wire Reveal. 4.4 Default


4.4 should be the standard for all wired headphones in 2024 and beyond… Thank you!


Maybe I missed something but is there going to be a description on what we can expect this headphone to sound like or is this a straight black hole or Athena derivative? If this is based on one of previously mentioned, what has been improved here or do we have to wait for reviews. HarmonicDynes last offering Black Hole wasn’t exactly stellar and the Athena was acceptable at $150-$180 but nothing to rave about. So I’m not sure what makes the ERIS special for $250 dollars. What is going to set the ERIS apart from these two jokers or is this more of the same? Zeus and Poseidon was about the height of HarmonicDyne for me.

I’d suggest wait for reviews, Same with every headphone.
Could be great, could be bad, at the end of the day hard to make a impression by appearance only (technically Zeus and Poseidon look very similar but sound very different IMO)

Copypasta from telegram

These, unsurprisingly, are my favorite headphone. Mostly through sheer luck and my tastes buds being worn down to need something else. Not the best headphone obv, I don’t care to fight the likes of Tungsten or susvara but in a world where I own over 80 headphones and have reviewed over 300, these stand out.

Originally I was just interested in having a decent can with a lot of dumb bass so I could pivot it as just “the fun can”, but through the miracle of excessive holes, they managed to pull off not only the most capable bass of any headphone I can think of (while not twisting the tonality of the lows to fuck up mids) but after all mods completed Blamo! God tier soundstage. Mostly due to the weird phase delay that a hard internal closed backish reflection accomplished.

So finally the Treble, it is still somehow quite detailed, it only gets a tad spicy if you are playing at 11 but only in tracks that already come with spicy treble. So I haven’t found a genre IN MY OPINION where these don’t excel. I find them ripping apart complex layers of music and basically spreading them out like a smorgasbord in the soundstage. @Skedra said he’s heard better for metal but it’s the only headphone I will touch the genre with.

If you have ever used ifi Bass Boost and 3D audio buttons, this is that built in

I plan to do a semi review before the 616 launch so long as the last sample gets here with the new wire on time, I will try and keep it objective for the first half at least and gush later on. They are nothing like the Athena sound wise and black hole was abysmal. I now believe in the power of a good driver and some physical tuning.


All hail Discordia!

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This is the tuning Journal I made 11 Months ago. It goes over the process I was using and the things I discovered along the way.

Part 2 is filmed a few months later and is mostly me freaking out about the changes they made and how it didn’t work.

Part 3 I will film and complete the trilogy when I have the final sample with wire in hand.


Thank you!

“If you have ever used ifi Bass Boost and 3D audio buttons, this is that built in”.

My panties just dropped!


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Here’s the official unboxing for the Eris. My first time getting to look at the new wire also. So far so good. After 36 hours of break-in they’re much closer to what I expect. It could also be a matter of pads getting broken in.


Review Added to first Post… Public on launch day tomorrow.