🔶 Harmonicdyne Zeus - God of Thunder?

This is the official thread for the Harmonicdyne Zeus

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  • Type: OVER EAR
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews

Anyone heard about the HarmonicDyne Zeus? Just saw a video of these. Comes in a really nice looking case. Build quality also looks great. The thing that got me interested was the 50mm berylliium drivers.Any users here?

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that is a real slick looking headphone! :smiley:

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well, headphonesty gives them a 3.5 star review:

basically says they are too expensive for what they are.


Z seems to be using them a bunch so we’ll see soon how much he hates em.

Too bad, I had high hopes. I’ll check for some more reviews.Thanks man!

I would really like to hear more about them. Zeos recommend them, but likes the Sivga Phoenix too and these weren’t my cup of tea.

The Phoenix are too shouty in the mids/vocals, also they sound very narrow or compressed to me. I couldn’t hear them for longer than 20 minutes, because they were so shouty. I don’t understand, why zeos is calling them soft sounding…

I would like to upgrade my bassy fidelio X2. Could the Zeus an upgrade option?

I also do own the nighthawks, the sundaras and the tygr 300r. Basically i look for a headphone with this sound signature:

Bass quality and slam like the nighthawk
Bass quantity like the X2 or phoenix
Imaging like the tygr
Mids and vocal presence like the sundara

Should i give the zeus a try?


Hmm so you look really not bad.
In Zeo’s sound demo I also liked you, the bass was great on the first try and the mids were great too.

If I had the current budget I’d go for it, but I’ll keep that in mind when I return the Denon D7200.

Might order these… idk maybe in january alongside the new edifier headset they came out with is getting some positive feedbacks

Still waiting on the @Antpage2 to message me about these.

My biggest negative is zeos comparing it to the X3 which was obscenely bright when I sat with them

found this


If a headphone like this exists… Someone should definitely tell me because I am drawing a blank and this would be killer


Mhh, i got a M1070 for a good price today. I’ll check it out. Maybe these are going in the direction i mentioned in terms of sound signature? Would like to compare them to the zeus.

Try the Brainwavz pleather round pads for the Phoenix. It pulls the sound farther away while keeping the bass impact, possibly improving it.

Did you get it for $299.00? Or did you find a better deal?

Going to just wait this out. Last time with helios I snagged one for like $86. See if someone else bites the bullet and ends up posting one for sale

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I got it via amazon.de for 285


So just got these and…

Lol what is up with the driver placement? Guys, make sure to look at your driver’s when you get them.


Yikes reminds me of the Fidelio X2 hr fuck ups where the drivers would be inversed. This looks relatively easy to fix but still a pain In the ass and voids that chinese warranty if you were to try to fix it

Yea I took the two screws out of the left side cup, but doesn’t seem to want to come out… wondering if there are more screws under that white dampener :frowning:

Edit: Oh… it is under the stickers

Fixed. So yea had to peel off the white stickers.


It’s for that “holographic 3D” sound … Innovation!!!