Have you ever been judged or stigmatized online just because of your profile picture?

This…This! Has been the recent things that has been happening to me and to be honest it sucks. For these so called people who consider themselves “normal” or else “better” just because they have a normal profile picture and yet to them they view me as a “degenerate”, a “loser”, a “weirdo”, etc.

Yeah right, judging someone’s profile picture even though you, YOU acting ass all day, being an ignorant prick and ironically a much worse “degenerate” than me, therefore your “normal” profile picture does not mean shit to me! And I don’t give a fuck if you’re so rich or successful but when it comes to your moral status, you’re utterly poor.

It’s like this, I have a hobby of me being a fan of anime and games, “You need to get a life and a hobby.” While them being a bunch of fucking fan boys on people that do not give a shit about them in the first place, like having a hobby of sports, doing stupid shit like getting drunk and taking drugs yet they have the audacity to call me a loser while I am not even doing any harm to people and I am just minding my own damn business! Like damn! Can I not have a fucking hobby that I actually love instead of getting a hobby that is part of the fucking bandwagon, yet I don’t love it?

Just wanted to get this off my chest, because to be honest those people don’t know jack shit about me, therefore I do not give a flying fuck about your life and you so called being “better” just because you have profile picture that is not from a hobby that you hate. My reply to people like those is this, You’re not fucking special! get over it! All for that for a goddamn anime profile picture.

Anyone of you had an experience like this? If so how do you deal with it? My method is just block the noise and ignore those people but there are times that it gets so annoying that I just need to get it off my chest. I blame the fucking people who are making anime fans with some common decency and knows how to act normal look bad overall.


To be honest I like anime and games too and always when I come across someone with a profile pic like yours my reactions is: “that’s pretty cool”.

Also after watching a bunch of Z and all the anime (often almost hentai :P) backgrounds he uses… seeing some people with anime pics here I never even though that it was out of place or anything…

So yeah it’s ok to vent I guess but there is no reason to get mad about it it’s just the internet don’t waste your time thinking about these things.

If you really don’t care about the other person that has a negative opinion of you than there is no reason to try to prove yourself to them, it’s just their opinion… whatever.

Personally I try to keep in mind that someone who is against you won’t listen to you trying to “explain” yourself or your ways of life and someone who is with you won’t really need an explanation.


Yeah, on Discord someone said I looked like a teddy bear because of this profile pic, and I was deeply offended.

My dad is Che Guevara and my mom is Minnie Mouse, and I have two pairs of ears. :neutral_face:


I’ve not experienced that myself, nor have I even heard of such a thing before, but now that I have I think it is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

And I’ve already heard of Tiktok…


Next Stop =Twitter !!!
There is a new level, just waiting to be discovered.

lol the things you will find lol

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Yeah, as dumb as I find Twitter to be I still think Tiktok is worse. Anyone can take a couple seconds to type out their stupid. It takes a higher order of magnitude to think it warrants a video…


That’s true and I just want them to leave me alone, yet there are these idiots who relentlessly trying to prove their point to someone who they don’t fucking know in the first place, as if it’s like “What the fuck did I do?” I just said something that I want to express, yet here you are belittling my opinion because of my profile picture.

It’s really frustrating but I am trying to be a decent guy online, for there are already enough assholes.

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This is the sad truth as much we don’t want to admit it. The technology we’re having right now is getting smarter but the people who we are living with are getting dumber.

I am not saying that I am smart and I am feeling superior towards people who are outright dumb and don’t know that they are being dumbasses, I am just saying it like that is due to my observation.

Social media was a mistake, in fact bad parenting as well. Now we have these idiotic hellspawns ruining it for everyone.

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Same predicament there as well, happened on a Discord server I was in.

I just said to the chat that I am not into stuff that are very popular and I clearly elaborated why I am not into the popular stuff being shown to me.

But there is this guy presumably telling me that “Oh, you don’t like popular stuff? Are you trying to be an interesting guy?”

WHEN?! When did I say that “I am an interesting guy, because I don’t like mainstream stuff that much.”? Like what the fuck?! I cannot even be me anymore? Nowadays, I have to follow what’s the fucking shit right now?! Like I cannot be myself?! Fuck that!

nope…I haven’t had that happen but if it did, I’d butt them with my jakelope horns!

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I really don’t care what folks online think about me FACT.


So you are saying there are mean and dumb people on the internet?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to make fun of you and I can totally relate (like probably everyone) that sometimes the stupidity of some people can be enraging, but at the end of the day it is what it is… no value in getting offended at random people.

In regards to anime, i think it’s cool, but there have been literal wars fought over anime, so I acknowledge, that there are people who have a hate so deeply seated as some weebs love for it.

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That’s kinda the approach you have to take online (and in person to an extent), don’t really take anything personally, learn to ignore stuff and not get worked up over smaller things. There will be those that go out of their way to be an asshole, best way to handle that is to just not really worry about it all that much, realize that what they say doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things and don’t cater to trolls. It’s harder to do at first for sure but eventually it becomes habit. Not to discount the experiences of @K4sh1ma either, just noting that’s something almost everyone on the internet will encounter at least once for whatever reason

The whole profile picture thing I can see how it happens, it’s the only thing people have to work with to put a face/visual to a name, so naturally people that aren’t a fan of a profile picture aren’t going to be as nice to the person behind it, even though it’s rather meaningless/arbitrary in the end (at this point I’m just using whatever garbage someone sends me that I find funny, no real meaning behind it lol)

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The best advice is. Just ignore them and don’t respond.
Anything and nothing. Do not respond.

If it actually is a “bully”. Every response and reply is more fuel to the fire.
Then it’s really easy to continue and it will only get worse.

As a person that has been bullied very young. Not even the internet style “dicking around” type, been a bully after i over come the “opponents” by being stronger mentally and really learned the bad mouth. Sometimes still being a real dick and becoming a professional level dick.
And why might someone ask. Cause it’s fun and entertaining.

If some would “dump the trash bag” in my yard situation ever come.
I would respond be ordering the fucking dump-trunk full of shit and trash and dump it back. Just a kind reminder no to ever do it again.
Or very slowly start the “psychological game” what makes them tick. Find out everything about the “target” and Slowly drive em mad and maybe worse…
The goal is not to win but crush the opposite complete to tiny pieces.

But you need to grow first and learn not be triggered about anything. If you want to respond something. There will always be at least 3 types of people. Some that say “f-you” like in a game that does not mean nothing. You just say “i will” again not meaning nothing.
Second ones are the bullies. They actually play with you to see you rage.
And finally the more Professional types that slowly and skillfully will make you jump the bridge. They usually are not the ones you even encounter.

The best advice is. Just ignore them and don’t respond.
Or grow bit more and take it all as funny shit and reply with that. Giving them still nothing and being happy about it.

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience– Mark Twain


Yeah I know, and I think this topic was a bit unnecessary on my part. Maybe it’s because I have been bottling a lot of things lately inside therefore making a decision via emotional instead of a logical one, meaning not posting this one at all.

I mean sure the ignore approach is usually the right thing to do, but you can only ignore so much for everyone has their limits, and I have limits as well.

Yes I agree, most of the time I can ignore most people like that. But the hypersensitivity side of me shows up from time to time, therefore I can only ignore for so long, especially to those who cannot just let it go.

Also, I really don’t get the fact that somehow that “I am trying to be an interesting person” due to the fact I am not aiming to be one, and it all started is because I express that I am not into on what they are into.

But yeah, I should have not posted this at all, though it was a good way releasing some of that from your chest. Then again there is a rant thread, I should have done it there.

We can move it there if you want?

Probably, and thanks for the consideration of some of you people hearing my grievances to this thread. Feel free to delete this post if you want, for I think to begin with, it was unnecessary.

I just reacted without any rational thinking, therefore wasting everyone’s time with this.

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Seriously it’s up to you, let it stand as is if you want…your call :+1:

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Thank you, though I think that is going to be it. I already let it all out after posting this topic.

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