Have you met Hel?


HEL - $189
Mic Input


I like the design. Especially the look of the mic volume knob

It may just be me, but why would i go for something like this, rather then a XLR interface?

I would wonder the same thing lol.


I think the appeal is the small size, mic input, usb interface. You could, for instance, plug this into a PS4 and get headset support with solid audio performance, likely far superior to something like the Astro Mixamp or something similar.

I guess, but for someone with a normal amount of space, you could get a um2 interface and a fiio k5 pro for about the same price, and get a presumably better mic preamp and adc (along with the ability for better mics to be used), and a better amp and dac (also an assumption). You could also get a focusrite scarlett solo and a jds labs atom and have a killer setup as well


I guess it’s competing with something like the Mayflower ARC, but… I don’t think there are that many good electret microphones. You have the Modmic and the ones that attach to 3.5mm cables, but… that’s about it.

Some lav mics fall under there, but yeah I agree

because most wired gaming headsets use the 3.5mm jack for both headphone and mic? aside from the one’s that are USB, which is gaining popularity.

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Yeah, but you can get an xlr to 3.5 mm for an interface and get better sound

something ‘most’ gamers don’t or won’t do. :wink:

Fair, but I would assume most gamers wouldn’t bother buying a product like this either and instead go with a gaming headset either very cheap wired or high end wireless or usb

you’d be surprised what nubs will buy if it says ‘gaming’ on it. :wink:

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But I don’t know if a true gamer would find value in this, it doesn’t even have rgb lol (you can’t have a true gamer product without rgb)

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Also dependent on what kind of “gamer” we’re talking about. Console gamers are going to want things as simple as they can get it, with a preferance to wireless, first party, or well known name brands (eg Turtle Beach).
Casual PC gamers who don’t stream aren’t worried about a mic, and usually care about looks and bling. Those who do stream are still going to care about looks, but SHOULD now care about the audio quality comming from their mic.
Competitive/professional gamers are going to care about performance and stability. High framerates, clear and accurate audio are their focus. Anything and everything to get the competitive edge.
This product? I genuinely feel it doesn’t really fill a need in any of these segments, though I could be wrong.

I think it’s aiming to fill the role for casual pc and console gamers who care about looks and something that works with a minimalist approach, someone who cares about good sound, but at max might have a midrange senn, beyer, or audio technica with a modmic or higher quality headset. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but it might be appealing to some who value looks and decent performance.

While I think there is better out there for the price, it would fit into a setup fairly nicely (I would assume)

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especially for the price i dont know who this is targeted towards. you really have to be new to audio (as a gamer priority) to look for an all in one unit like this, but if you’re new to audio the chances of hearing about schiit as a company (before razer, logitech, etc) is also rare… even if you’re tight on space something just simply double this size will work many times better (presumably), and the fulla 2 can also be had from ebay for a fraction of this cost paired with um2/scarlett … im confused lol. if you were looking for a better mic input you would use XLR but if you wanted to still use 3.5 mm you probably wound’t know much about audio quality which brings me back to my first point! it’s just one big circle of confusion…

ps i will always love schiit because they make the adgard, which in my opinion is one of the nicest looking solid state amplifiers on the market (affordable at least). and no i don’t own one :unamused:

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Schiit is actually pretty fairly well known, even to anyone who is just starting out. If you look online, you might see schiit gear in higher tier pc setups, even if the people aren’t into audio as a hobby.

Also I wouldn’t recommend the fulla tbh, because now there are a fair bit better options at a similar price

Also the asgard 3 that just came out recenty I got to hear it and I can say that it no longer suffers from the sizable compression that the older models have. Also its 200 bucks without the dac

well now im on schiit’s website and im contemplating purchasing another amp i dont need lol…

The asgard 3 is pretty great, and with the dac its 300 usd which is actually a pretty good value