HD 600 or Sendy Aiva

I just sold my HE-500’s and trying to decide between the HD 600 or Sendy Aiva’s. I understand the difference between planar and dynamic. Also, I understand the main difference between these headphones. I’m asking for people who have owned both of these headphones and can give an honest opinion. Thanks!

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Ive had both. Sendy Aiva kills the HD600 sound wise. But one thing to consider is the HD600 is neutral the Avias are V shaped, or U shaped, also bright. So if you prefer that signature you know what to do. The Aivas are clear cut clear, the HD600 sounds veiled. The Aivas have tons of detail the hd600 not so much.

My biggest worry with the Aivas is the mids, also the weight on the top of the head or over long periods.

The mids are there. Dont worry. Ive had headphones with missing mids and the Aivas are not that. I have had problems with the weight but i dont do long listening sessions. may i ask what caused you to decide these 2 headphones?

Sendy because I like planars and 600’s for the lightweight comfort also for mastering

Also, will use them for gaming probably.

Yeah not sure about the mastering or gaming. But if you want a headphone thats more balanced and has good mids i’d go for the Focal Elex. These are the best headphonesive heard so far baring 1000 headphones. The Aiva are 480$ the Elex is 600$ the HD600 is 300$.

Another headphone to consider that i hear is often used for mastering is the Beyerdynamic 1990 for about 500$

The Elex has to be purchased off the MassDrop site. the DT1990 and HD600 can be bought off Amazon which has a good return policy. Drop also has a return policy. the Aivas must be purchased off the Musictek site not sure about their return policy.

I’ve heard most people say the Aiva’s beat out the Elex

Also, the Elex is 30g heavier.

Their 2 different headphones. The Aivas are very bright and very foward soundstage. you got that V signature also, or U. The Elex is more balanced, more soundstage. More of a W signature. I think overall its a better headphone over the Aiva. But the Aiva is a awsome headphone too. with just a hair more detail.

whats your longest avg session with the aivas?

Are you sure the Aiva is heavier? Im weighing them both right now in my hands and the Aiva feels heavier.

About 3-4 hours

according to massdrop site and the musictech site

The DT1990 are made for mastering. But have a treble peak some people dont like. but it comes with 2 sets of pads. Theres a guy named Mon who does mastering, very knowledgeable. you might want to talk to him tomorrow.

which do you use more the aiva or the elex?

I find i use the Elex more. I just find it more reliable. And balanced. The Aiva is very bright and it can be more a specialized headphone. I tell people its my treble king headphone without pain.

But if you have the wrong amp for it, it can become a little painful. I use a SP200 amp and a SU8 DAC and its fine on that. I had a Schiit amp and DAC and it was too much for those.

I use a audio gd NFB-11, how long did you use your hd 600’s?

I had them for a few weeks. dont get me wrong the HD600 is a great headphone. I was really impressed with it. But clarity is a big deal to me so i aced it for a Hifiman Sundara. also another great headphone. But the HD600 is like a legendary headphone. like a benchmark for a lot of people. it came out in the 90’s

Nice amp btw. how does it sound? is it uncolored?