HD600 + O2 Amp, lackluster for gaming?

So, I’ve owned a pair of HD600 and a Objective2 amp for 4-5 years probably.
Nowadays I game more than I listen to music at home, and the detail when playing games seems to be a little lackluster.

I have friends with HD598, cheap Logitech 50€ heatsets and when we’re playing, they can pinpoint footsteps and directions earlier than I can and more precisely.

I don’t think I have defective ears :laughing: :sweat_smile:
Am I missing something on my setup? Should I try something else and sell the HD600s?

Let me know guys :smiley: I appreciate it

So imo the 600 isn’t ideal for gaming, it’s most likely not going to give you the positional accuracy you want. It’s still fine for gaming but I think you could grab a separate headphone for gaming, and then perhaps dedicate the 600 for music or something

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the 600 s ids a narrow not too great imaging headphone your not missing anything only thing I can really suggest is getting a better headphone for gaming

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Yeah pretty much

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hd600 blow for gaming, rock for music. Get a cheap gaming headset from amazon for 20$, it will game better then the hd600. i wouldnt sell them though, i would get a second headset. gaming cans are cheap, i have owned a few in different price brackets. the main difference between a 20$ gaming headset and a 300$ gaming headset is mostly music reproduction. the spacial imaging is perfectly fine on 20$ gaming cans, mostly they dont even sound bad. though i did have one cheap pair that the drivers were mounted upside down, everything sounded like it was coming from above you cause the driver wasnt in line with your ear.

point is you can replace, but personally i would save 50$ and get a decent gaming can to go with my hd600’s

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I was taking at look at ~100$ cans, probably the shp9500.
There might be better choices tho

EDIT: Now that I think of, I have a pair of Superlux 668B from back when. I might try them out

sub 100$ for gaming, coolermaster mh751 or 752, one is stereo other is 7.1.

best cans under 100$ for gaming. and they also sound good on music. they use the takstar 82(i think?) driver and housing, with a mic added in. its basically a clone with a mic

edit: they are also the most comfortable headphones ever( or really friggen close)

i havent owned a pair of superlux, but they get good reviews for the entry market. they reportedly use decent enough drivers considering how cheap they are as a whole

Would you go for the stereo or 7.1?
I can use it with my Objective2 amp, but I don’t think it’ll matter

For context, I have an Asrock Z370 extreme 4. I have no clue if the built-in dac is good

personally, i like the stereo over the 7.1 BUT i dont like 7.1 on headphones at all, so take it with a grain of salt. the 7.1 is the more popular choice. Maybe times have changed, but my main reason for not liking 7.1 is FPS titles. Lat time i used surround sound in a fps title, the sounds got confused to easy and would be placed in the wrong place within the “sphere” around you. IE the imaging was, maybe still is, crap on virtual surround. But it can be disabled because it is virtual surround. and last i checked i think its only like 5$ difference in price? Good for movies where the sound is fixed already and some program does not have to decide where to put it( like in fps)

most of the time added virtual suround sound is aunnessecary as games have built in sound engines designed to do the same job as virtual suround sound. its more about getting the right gear so headphones that are good at gaming then using it getting more more experience with it studying and knowing how it places sounds in a room. I have 3 headphones all good for gaming but I always go back to the one I have the most erxperience with which is my dt 990 for gaming. but Im sure given the same amount of exxperience I could probably games just as well on the other 3.

Thank you both once again.
I’m also debating between the DT990 and other, as I use a modmic, so having a built-in mic isnt necessary.
But the MH751/752 don’t seem bad at all…

oh and your built in dac be alright as well. not as good as an aftermarket, but good enough. most people rave about 100$ dacs, but not me. my couple that i have/have had, don’t sound that much better then onboard audio. little crisper and cleaner highs mostly IMO. but i am the minority. for gaming purposes i dont really find more “space” with a 100$ dac then onboard. and my onboard SUCKS like really really sucks. as basic as it gets. but it still has windows magic that people dont like to talk about because it can make up a lot of the difference on a 100$ dac.

the amp makes more of a difference then the dac sub100$ imo. but once again i am the minority here. most will say they can hear all kinds of improvements on a 100$ dac. but i find thats mainly for music and not so much gaming.

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That would be really sweet actually, the 990 and 880 are awesome for gaming, def my pick imo. Go for the 250 ohm, and if you are willing to upgrade your amp then go for the 600 ohm


yeah was not aware you had a modmic, that opens things up more. ^^ what mon said. i personally have not tried any beyr’s because of the reputation of treble murder, and i am very sensitive to treble

edit: but if you are considering, treble murder does not bother you as much or you would not be considering lol :grinning:

coincedentally the 990 is my main gaming headphone and for regference my main game is rainbow six which is likterally a 3rd of the game is sound.

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thats also why wait for more then 1 persons opinion, because whatever floats your boat is different for all =)

they get raved about A LOT for fps, i just cant bring myself to try though as i really do not think i would enjoy the treble at all

edit: for reference, im the guy that can hear the transformer whine on tube tv’s. before i destroyed my hearing some, i could hear dog whistles

Get the dt880 600ohm. Best gaming headphone under $200

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I might be able to agree with this lol. But you also might want to grab something like a magni heresy or liquid spark as the o2 might struggle a bit

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