HD600 + O2 Amp, lackluster for gaming?

The liquid spark is the best sounding amp for beyers. The magni heresy might be slightly more detailed due to it having a flatter, more transparent sound signature. Beyer headphones have a very sharp treble response at least a bit too sharp for me. The ls is a bit warmer sounding and rolls of the treble a bit which make it a perfect pairing for beyers

I also like the spark pairing, but if you want the best gaming performance I would say the heresy delivers a bit better experience (but the spark is more balanced and what I typically rec)

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use the ls beyer pairing as well really hard to beat for gaming

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I definitely agree with this. The more time i spend with the 880 600 ohm the more i feel it is a remarkable value. Really impressive for gaming and personally i enjoy it for music. But as M0N suggested you need a little more juice to push it compared to most other cans.

Just out of curiosity I tried them direct out of my laptop 3.5mm which does have some kind of amp although not good one i’m sure. It actually did not have issue with volume which i expected from a 600 ohm headphone but the sound was much flatter and lost some soundstage, overall i found it pretty dull compared to when it’s given the proper power.

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So since I use a modmic and I already have an O2 amp, the choice has transitioned from the MH752 to the DT990 Pro 250ohm, right?

It seems great tbh, I dont think leather cushions tbh, they get my ears warm af.

I can get them at around 100€, is there anything better for purely gaming at this price point?

Hmmm, perhaps a ad700x but honestly I would just stick with the beyers for your case imo

i tried the 700x somewhat trecently really hard to reccomend. its kinda sucky for most use cases the treble is definitely harsher than the likes of a 990 or 880

Yeah not great for music, really only gaming, and comfort is pretty meh to bad

I’d prefer not to upgrade my O2 at this point. Just a new headphones would suffice.

Yea, kinda out of the price point :confused:
DT990 Pro it is? Do you have any other suggestions?

I would aim for the 990 600 ohm premium if we go with a liquid spark. more comfort. and slightly more refined sounding but the 990 250 ohm is great after breaking them in and some burn in.

Interesting, I didn’t realize they are that expensive now, they used to be like 90 bucks usd

Anyways 990 250 premium if you aren’t willing to upgrade your amp would be my pick for gaming
This one

If you are willing to up your amp the 880 600 with the liquid spark is my pick

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All good. The 880 250ohm are still a great purchase. Ad700x, dt990, shp9500 all perform well for gaming. Dt880 are still my first pick

So personally for gaming I actually prefer the 990 if you are restricted to the 250 ohm, but 600 ohm def the 880 imo

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@M0N I can’t get the DT990 Premium for less than 50€ more than the DT990 Pros.
Is it worth it for a metal earcup?

I was gonna get the DT990 Pro from amazon warehouse for like 90€ tbh

Ah, it’s actually still plastic, they are similar but the premium has a bit better comfort and a straight cable, while the 990 pro has a bit more clamp and a coiled cable. So 990 pro 250 ohm it is then I guess lol (just make sure it’s 250 ohm)

obligatory don’t get the beyer black pad warning! get the silver pads, less harsh more comfortable


My O2 amp has an 3x gain button. Are you guys adamant it won’t power the 600ohm versions of either the 880 or 990?

It will get them loud enough, but I don’t think it would be the most satisfactory experience with the 600 ohm

The jds atom powered my 880 600ohm pretty well. Id get that then upgrade the amp later on