Headphone amp and dac

Okay. So I got the okay from the mrs to get a new amp and dac. I just want to make sure I’m making the right choice or if there is any other combo I should consider.

My budget is 7-800 bucks.

The first one that I am considering is the RNHP with the enog 2 pro.

Another consideration is the jds labs el dac and el amp. I know they have the element too but I’d prefer to keep them separate.

The main thing I’m worried about is the power of the rnhp with planars like the 4xx specifically. I still have the jotunheim to power those but in case I decide to get rid of it Id be worried the rnhp wouldn’t get them there.

Is there anything else I should consider in this price range. I mean, Ideally I’d like a balanced xlr out but at this price range that only leaves me with thx amps it seems and I don’t want jump on that bandwagon. There’s also the smsl su-8 and sh-8 combo but I feel the amp wouldn’t really be an upgrade from my jot, maybe even a downgrade. I also don’t really want another shit.

Any other recommendations that I should look at?

Thanks! :blush:

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If you could get a cayin iha6 it’s pretty sweet lol

That does look sweet. That would push me over though. I need a new dac too since my jot doesn’t have a lineout.

Then just pick up an enog 2 pro lol

New if you wanted it

Hmmmmmmmm how would you compare the sound with the rnhp?

I mean it’ll still push me over a little but I might be able to swing it.

It’s got way more impact and punch, also lots of control. The rnhp would be better if you had easier to drive headphones, where the cayin works well with power hungry and can also handle more sensitive stuff too. It’s just a do it all amp that’s pretty worth imo

Although personally I would upgrade headphones first tbh (or do that in the near future)

Yeah it’s on the other side lol. Probably way more power than I’ll ever need ha.

Upgrade to what do you think? I mean I do have the Aeolus coming soon. I don’t think I’ll be able to swing a new pair for a while.

Hmmmm. If you have an aeolus…

That would work very well with your zmf and sennheser cans

for that money I would upgrade the headphones

Yeah I def want that eventually. But I think I do want to switch out my solid state first. And then work my way to the tuba.

oops just noticed you have aeolus coming in

Welll I mean that cayin is pretty overkill but I don’t think you would need another solid state amp

I mean the 4xx are the only ones I really have to worry about with power with what I currently have right?

That is correct imo, even the 4xx is still very solid on the rnhp

That’s true. I’m trying my hardest to keep it at the 700 mark if I can. The 800 is me stretching it out a bit.

Yeah? Okay that’s good to hear. I feel like I want to get into the Rupert gear while I can. Something tells me he is eventually going to discontinue the rnhp and leave the fidelice as the only option for twice the price.

But the rnhp and enog would definitely beat our the el amp and el dac combo you think?

Yes imo, except for power, as I think the el amp might be better with the 4xx

Okay cool. As long as it still powers those well. I think I’ll stick with that and just keep the jot around in case I need the power. Thanks! :blush:

I don’t want to be a party pooper but this is my 2¢.

The RNHP will push the HE4XX, it gets loud and will likely have plenty overhead for you…


I found of all my headphones I think the HE4XX are the least impacted by the RNHP…


I think I may prefer the HE4XX on the SP.200 THX 888.

The good news is everyone of the other headphone of the 8 or so that I tested sounded noticably better.

My Grado have never sounded so good and the focal clear with the RNHP in this is my open back solid state endgame.

It’s that good…

Just my 2¢

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It makes sense, they really do like their power, I can agree with that as well