Headphone suggestions up to $200

SO, guy I go to school with started asking me about headphones and audio, asking me about my AKG K550 mkIII. I showed him about a minute of a few different songs so he could hear what they sounded like.
Songs I used:
Starset - Ricochet
Starset - Ricochet (accustic version)
The Sound Of Silence - Disturbed (best version of the song, FIGHT ME)
Heart Shaped Box - Neovaii
POP/STARS - K/DA (Ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, and Jaira Burns) His request
(I wanna say there was another one, but I can’t remember what it was)
Long story short, he’s asking me for recommendations for a new headphone he can use just for listening to music. Claims he’s got a $200 budget, listens to all generas of music. He likes his Sennheiser GSP 600s, but he want’s something just to listen with. Doesn’t care about size or portability (so he claims), but does like the idea of a removable cable. Anyone have any recommendations I can give him?

Below 200 dollars the HD58X Jubilee would be a strong candidate.


Yes, the 58x is great at this price for sure. My closed pick would be the akg k371

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I was thinking those would be strong contenders myself. Though I don’t know if there’s a review comparing the K371 and K361. So far as I know, he won’t be using an amp.

I think they are pretty fine without an amp tbh. They do get a bit better but I don’t think it’s that needed. Actually similarly easy to drive like the 58x. They both benefit from an amp but can reasonably be used without one

From looking at the numbers, it definitely looks that way… But then again, how many things don’t benefit from a little extra umph.

I was looking at my Amazon list the other day and AKG has quite a few headphones on sale. I personally bought some K553’s for $90 on Amazon, but they also have the same sale price(s) on their website. Could be worth a look for your buddy.


I gave a 58x to my brother for a present and he loves them, definitely reccommended, can’t really go wrong with them.

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Recommend fiio eh3 nc at $199

Any particular reason why, beyond being bluetooth and ANC?

Went through the song list.

As they were the most “fun” on my M40x, I would either suggest those (M40x’s) or second the K-371 recommendation.
beyerdynamic custom game might also be an option. Their semi-open to closed system is a neat thing imo.

Are you using stock pads, or have you swapped the pads on the M40X?

Everything stock.
The pads are fine for me, it is the headband that is bugging me.

Hmmm… Tried Nuggets?

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The Custom Game, or Custom One Pro Plus?

Those are also great, pretty easy to drive, comfortable, adjustable bass

My vote is the 58x great all rounder and not amp required

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Custom studios would be my recc out of the customs

Actually akg k371 are another strong contender if he want closed backs

My friend owns the Custom Game. When you don’t need the headset part, the other two will do (can still purchase the microphone later on).

The three falvours of those cans are

  • Custom One Pro Plus
  • Custom Studio
  • Custom Game