Headphones.com are tricky =| [Resolved]

I’m really pissed right now. I bought the Hifiman Anada from headphones.com cause i thought i would be able to return them if i didnt like them. Headphones.com are known to have this awesome return policy. So i try to contact them to return the Anada and i dont get a reply back. I finally email them and they tell me that items sold on sale are non-returnable :neutral_face:

So now im stuck with headphones i didnt like. they were 700$

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It quite clearly states that on the page with info about the return policy.

Eligible Products

Special order, sale and open-box items are not covered by our 365-day return policy. However they are usually covered by the manufacturers warranty.


Thats bull. that should be on the front page. whos gonna go read the policy pages? Most other sites accept a return even if they were on sale. its still tricky

Oof that’s really unlucky… I’ve never used that website before so I had no idea either…

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Sell it on Ebay. You should be able to recoup most of the cost just fine.


yeah i checked, their going for about 500$ i’ll loose 200$ what a pain

yeah this sucks for sure, but you should be able to get most of your money back on the used market at least. let it be a lesson to always check the return policy


Yeah, probably between $550-$600 is what you can expect, I think. But that’s not too bad. It does suck you can’t return them… but at least you can make some of your money back. That’s the way the hobby goes, really. lol I’ve definitely lost a bit of money on some things. I just consider it a ‘rental fee’ in that situation.


That not how usually markets work.
You lose around 200.
Price was 700 from start. Then you sell them for 500. Loss is 200e.

Lesson’s learned and price paid.
Could have been worse.

yeah sorry, it was a typo, i fixed it

Thing about headphones.com is they really advertise the 365 day return policy. its like on the main page. the front page. so you see that and knowing that every other site i know of will accept returns on sale items, you dont think thats a limitation. until its too late. its tricky. thats what im complaining about. its unusual.

Damn, yeah that’s actually pretty scummy. I’d be pretty pissed off too. Also lmfao, look at this shit, this is actually ridiculous

I guess I always assume if something is too good to be true, I should go read the fine print.
They spell out all the limitations pretty clearly on the page about the return policy along with how, to take advantage of it, and what costs your liable for.

Even with the restrictions it’s a pretty incredible return policy for a small company.

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polygon… do you work for headphones.com?

lol jk. yeah i would like to take advantage of that too in the future. it is a great policy. keep a headphone for a year. when you get tired of it return it. almost like a library for headphones.

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It actually lists the 365-day return policy on the item page… (despite being on sale) and there’s no warning on checkout.
I’d try contacting them again… and tell them you realize it was your mistake and you should have read the policy in depth, but you were confused by the fact that 365-day return was listed on the page with the item, despite that it did not apply and there were no warnings. Tell them the headphones are still like-new, etc. Maybe they will cut you a break. Maybe at least allow a refund with restocking fee.


Yes that does seem dodgy.


It’s listed on open box items too… but you at least get clarity in that case… by them saying “open box sales are final”.
I think in this case… it’s probably worth fighting it a bit… just don’t be an asshole about it… and they might be willing to give you a bit of a break if you point out why it might be confusing… It’s inconsistent.


I second that, try and convince them to accept some sort or return anyway. If it doesn’t work out you could try making a headphone trade on av exchange.

That actually seems to be the case, on every product.
They should remove the 365 Days Return notice from product’s that are not included in “super return”. Bad bad marketing.

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A asterisk next to “365 day returns” should be absolute minimum. lol

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