Headphones for Gaming/Music

Looking for new open back headphones. I am going to get a JDS labs atom amp and topping D10 in the near future. I have been looking at the HD 58X Jubilee but want more alternatives to look at. Generally listen to Metal/Hip hop/Electronic music.


What type of sound do you prefer? The 58x is pretty great for what genre you listen to, and it would work very well of of a d10 + atom stack

Some other options could be a he4xx or dt880 600 ohm and lot’s more. How much are you thinking budget wise?

The he4xx would be a better extending in the subbass and a quick snappy driver with a wider soundstage with a slight v shape to the sound that would play nicely with what you listen to as well. The 58x is warmer in comparison and also is a bit more intimate, but relaxed a tad, where the 4xx might be more energetic with an immediate wow factor

The dt880 600 ohm is a neutral bright signature that is very accurate if you wanted something a bit less colored and more even sounding. It is wider sounding but also still detailed throughout the range and can recreate a space in music very well


i absolutely LOOOOVE the 58x, BUT if you are looking for open backs you are probably looking for open back sound. That is wide soundstage, which the 58x are not. They are very narrow. If you don’t mind getting just a great sounding headphone ok cool, but know that they are not what you usually get open backs for.

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You don’t necessarily get an open back for a wide soundstage, but instead other sonic characteristics like a more natural sound

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I see that makes sense, that makes sense. Hopefully that’s what he’s after if thats the case then

I am thinking around $200 or less for new headphones. I do prefer a more neutral sound, so I might take a look at the dt880. Thanks for the help.

I think out of what I mentioned as well, the 880 600 ohm are probably the best for gaming as well compared to the other two. They make hearing spatial queues pretty easy and also have very good imaging and soundstage and it’s easy to place sounds in a space

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do you need open or is closed back a good option for you?

I LOVE my Fidelio X2s for gaming. Their soundstage and emphasis on bass is phenomenal. They’re easy to drive also. I use my PC, or my LG V40. They’re 120$ on Amazon right now. I paid 300 for them when they released and have no regrets. Unfortunately I’ve never tried much else for gaming so I have limited knowledge but I’ve been really happy with these. If you don’t like them you can always return them.

they are good for gaming they just lack the treble I look for fro highlighting footsteps up top but they are great for casual gaming and better than most headsets for gaming regardless

Personally I think they are somewhat unrefined as well, with the bass not really having a ton of control and kind of infringing on the midrange, and the mids and treble lack detail for my tastes. Not really a fan of them but if you really really like fun low end they are an option

I don’t do anything competitive. Usually Project Cars, Skyrim, Fallout 3/NV/4, Portal, Assassin’s Creed, etc. They work beautifully for that.

I have had previous open back headphones and I’ve never looked back.

You mind if i ask what you use for a mic situation if you use one at all w the X2s? Mine will be here monday and im not sure if i should go with a desk mic or a boom pro from v moda

I don’t game online but have seen that the modmic 4 fits the X2s well.