Headphones for immersion

Best headphones for immersion in movies and games like witcher 3, rdr2, doom,god of war etc(single player games)?
Budget is 500 dollars and amp wise asgard 3

@Falenkor one for you :+1:

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He recommended me nighthawks but they are tough to find and hearing other headphones reviews and getting kinda confused

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Hifishark has a bunch listed…

I’d say the tygr 300r. From numerous post, I’ve read it’s great for competitive gaming and solo and the bass on it would make it great for movies imo.

yeah i want more of like fun gaming ,mainly rpg,horror games stuff like that

I think it’s fun and good for that. At least I think it should be. Best bet would be order multiple pairs of headphones, see which ones you like, and return or sell the ones you don’t.

Kinda depends what you find fun. Personally I hate the exaggerated bass you tend to get at movie theatres, so I like my Sundara for movies. You don’t get thunderous rolling sound from explosions but things like glass shattering, impact of punches are better than anything you’d get at a theatre (planars don’t have a lot of bass but it has a big ass driver to thump your ear).

what about the soundstage tho?

I have been talking to him, not sure why he keeps making new threads again and again though so getting a tad confused. Not to mention throwing me direct messages as well.

I told him this site, took me two seconds to find a current sale nighthawk.

For regular use and games like doom yes.

this would work as well yes.

eh sundara is a bit on the bass lite side is why I am not a big fan honestly but it sounds great.

soundstage on the tygr is very large, soundstage of a Sundara is a even larger spacious sound due to all the air in the sound. If you want bass, not sure sundara is the best choice for you

unfortunately they dont ship to me

The impact makes up for that imo. As I said, it depends what you find fun. I find pure volume of bass to be more irritating than anything.

What about explosions ? How do they sound on them?

Budget wise $500 for immersion… hmm… the games you listed are on the bassier side and you want a large soundstage.

Yeah, nighthawk would work for sure, tygr would work, mmx300 would work(similar to argons but is a gamer variant to the dt 770 with a slight change to the signature), argons will work, fidelio x2hr would work for super budget

most of the audeze will work for you excluding mobius penrose lcd-1 and lcd-x so LCD-2 would be ideal if you can manage to snag a killer deal one one

sennheiser would be too neutral for your tastes and intimate,

akg I mean k371 would work it’s harman but eh not the best for soundstage so k712 would fit here though would need it’s bass mod there are other headphones up this way but would require some research… I am in the process of checking out their higher end headphones

Audio technica not a big fan of this brand and most of them won’t fit this area to my experience thus far,

Hifiman makes mainly bright bass lean planars if that’s your jam then go with Sundara or Ananda… you can go Edition XX if you have access to drop which is decent it’s a warm variant to the Ananda,

Denon may be up your alley here as the soundstage is rather good for closed backs and they are on the warmer side with the good imaging… but all of these are outside of your budget.

Dan Clark has the Aeons which are my personal use movie and casual gamer headphone. I make use of Aeon Open X which is more harman neutral, Aeon Open RT is only available directly from dan clark but they show up on the market every now and then(you have to make sure its the RT version as the originals sucked). Aeon 2 does exist but it’s much more expensive. RT version has more bass and treble. Very good depth, has good scaling, not the biggest soundstage but definitely large, very good imaging(not on par with tygr), harman is just a more subtle V signature though the mids are not recessed on these to my ear so it’s a nice balance. That planar does give a nice slam speed and texture to it as expected.

Beyerdynamic… hmm… outside of the Tygrs… you’d have the 770 series which is alright and fits what your looking for albeit bright… T1.2 can definite fit but it’s bright so 3rd gen or placing suedes(or alternative) on 2nd gen would fit very well. Custom series kinda sucks in my opinion so I guess that’s about it for beyers in this case.

Fostex has argon but also stuff like the old TH-X00 if you can find one as they were discontinued… good soundstage but a bass lover headphone set… depending on the version would depend on the tuning and bass response with purple heart being the most potent

Emu Teak are a large sound closed back V signature and a good alternative to the fostex.

Audioquest nighthawk carbon again work well here… skip nightowl

About all I can think of off the top of my head, still waking up lol.

they have the texture and slam to them but explosions definitely aren’t satisfying if you ask me on a Sundara it’s probably their only weak point outside of the company QC. Hifiman just aren’t the best in the Low End but absolutely gorgeous for mids and highs and things like detail

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Gaming? Explosions? Make boom boom?
Meze 99s with a pair of brainwavz oval pleather pads?

would have recommended this as well but he appears to be a fan of the bigger soundstages… and meze are quite intimate and narrow.

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you prefer open x or Rt for your personal use for movies?

hmm, in that case it would boil to preference… I preferred the bit more neutral approach of the open-x as that’s what I had grown accustomed too and was my first aeon but those are drop exclusive… RT is just fine just a bit less on the mids due to the increase of the more V shape they are the same price but RT has the HEL YEAH bundle working for it plus other sales right now. I will admit I didn’t like aeons at first… it scales quite well though. I use them on my Liquid Platinum balanced and they are just gorgeous sounding, been meaning to try dekoni’s new pads they came out for them.

how about higher budget then?

Depends on the budget in that regard.