Headphones From Companies Not Known For Headphones?

I’m wondering how many companies out there make headphones that are sleepers and not well known because the company isn’t known for headphones, but speakers and such.

two examples that come to mind are Quad with their ERA-1 and then Klipsch with their HP-3.

what else is out there?

Kef makes a “Porsche design” ANC headphone.

I haven’t seen any legitimate reviews on it, but I’ve seen it out there for a while.

Was going to buy one for a friend when they dipped below $90 on a sale, but actually forgot about it

Also I guess there is that terrible McIntosh one. Man that sucked when I tried it

I’ve heard they’re lacking.

did you use it with the required McIntosh DAC and Amp? LoL! :wink:

Yup, they had their I think MHA150 amp and MT10 turntable with MP1100 phono pre. Still nowhere near worth

I guess I should have put the qualifier that the headphone be worthy of purchase.

what’s your experience with Denon hp?

Actually really good. They use the foster biodynamic with slightly different tuning and build. Worthwhile to look into for sure. But they are pretty known for their headphones though

Also I didn’t know KRK (Stanton Magnetics) made headphones. Like 2 studio monitors

Edit: but probably a rebrand, so I’m going to ignore that

from what I’ve read the current 5200’s are likely the best bet of the current lot. the 9200 is quite sibilant and the 7200 bass wipes out everything else.

I didn’t find the 9200 super sibilant, but the bass is pretty prominent on the 7200. Its close to the purplehearts in that regard.

The 5200 are probably the most balanced

Also onkyo and psb make headphones as well. Now that I think about it fender and oppo as well.

Nakamichi made some at one point too I think

oh my, those Onkyo look horrendous! cheep tho.
Oppo’s are all discontinued.
never heard of psb before, but they have a few options still available. not terribly expensive.
Fenders options are all IEM’s, so meh.
and whatever Nakamichi made, bad reviews.

Didn’t say they were good lol

I know…I was just putting some commentary for others that check this thread out. :slight_smile:

Adam Audio SP-5 is another hf, from a “loudspeaker company”

Huh, almost look a bit like ultrasones

Korg, the musical gear company (keyboard/synth,etc), rebranded a Koss Sb-40, of all headsets, to put out a double the price SK-40.

Now that’s a strange find. Also a weird choice of headphone even besides the brand