Headphones to try out

I’m wanting to try out different headphones to see what I like in a headphone, so far I have nighthawks, t50rps with shure 1840 pads, hd650s and he4xxs.

I have a set of Helios on their way and to tide me over until then I feel like trying out something else whilst I wait. I have seen a pair of mmx300 for £115 which seems to be a pretty good deal considering that they are frequently compared to argons when pad swapped. I was also looking at other Beyer 600 ohm variants since they would be good for gaming wise but I can’t decide what I would like to go for really.

I’m gonna say budget of around £200 just for roughly what I’m looking at but I’d be willing to go a bit higher if its worth it to do so.

hmm, I would say it really is going to depend on what amp your using as the 600 ohms are a little picky for those using a small budget setup. On another note, I would say it would depend on what style of gaming your talking about as dt 880 and 990 are a bit different. In terms of competitive gaming I would say 880 has the edge as it isn’t anywhere near as bassy and it lacks body in the sound while being fairly neutral yet pretty bright this makes it really good for competitive fps as the bass rumble won’t really be an issue meanwhile the dt 990 over there is extremely sharp V signature with a lot of bass and ethereal highs alongside being more open back. I think both are good it just depends on what your looking for and if you can handle treble to begin with.

I would say this is a really great deal for a gamers headset considering they are indeed compared to an argon however, it can’t really be pushed as heavy as the argons nor is it balanced. They also aren’t very bright yet they are bassy and wide sounding for a closed back. However, I am not sure if you would truly appreciate these as you own the T50RP and you may be better off just contacting modhouse, if possible, to upgrade those to the Argons instead, despite the long wait times.

Well, what kind of sound signature are you looking for? Sounds like your looking for a headphone to use while gaming. Nighthawks are fairly dark yet warm, T50RP are very warm and bassy from my experience yet fairly balanced with some subtle brightness to them in the frequency, HD650 is just neutral pretty much lol, He4xx iirc is more neutral bright

just cause I want a comparison between the helios and dt 990 I think you whould try out the dt990 600 ohm

Honestly, curious about this myself but I doubt it can compare on the highs. DT 990s high frequencies despite being very sharp are superb

In terms of amp I should be fine for what I am looking at since I am using the asgard 3 so should be fine to drive most things comfortably. dt 880 vs 990 is what I have been struggling with for a while now myself, I really cant tell what I would like more since I really do a mixture of kind of competitive gaming and also listening to music at the same time, so probably doesnt need to be too competitive focussed as long as I can get goo imaging and soundstage out of it I think I should be ok with whatever I do pick.

Most headphones I use end up being something I use whilst gaming as that is what I use my pc for mainly so its kind of a mix where it’d be basically 50/50 gaming and music for me.

Signature wise I am more wanting to try out different signatures myself to see what I like and dont like with regards to different music that I like to listen to, which would allow me to figure out what I would like to try out with higher end stuff etc.

The 990 will have a similar V signature to the T50 with more refinement and detail and maybe not quite as much bass impact. The 880 will be the most different from your current set signature-wise (although from what I’ve read the Helios is also bright).

Now quite sure how you figure they have a similar V signature. I don’t see the t50rp to have a V signature at all even from its frequency

if it is a V it’s barily one imo. meanwhile the dt 990 600 ohm seen here image is pretty different

The thing I find with the t50s is that for me they feel like they’re just bright without much quantity of bass but I definitely feel their impact from it. the 880s are what I have been mainly keeping an eye out for on the second hand market but I’ve not had much luck yet.

Aslo just to mention, I’d love to make my t50s into argons, but I’m based in Scotland so it may end up being close to how much they cost new from modhouse :joy:

What pads were used for that T50 graph? Slap a pair of Shure pads on there and they have very pronounced bass and treble.

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Those are the stock frequencies. Heres some pad swaps.

I guess I can see it but I don’t really see this headphone as being real bright in comparison just raised.

Yeah, with stock pads they are a more treble-forward. The T50 changes A LOT with pad swaps. That’s one reason modders love it so much.

(Also I was literally about to post that graph).

You can see that several pads give them a V-sig. Unfortunately the Shure pads aren’t on there. But with my T50 mod and Shure pads it’s a pronounced V.

EDIT - looks like the 1840s are on there and do roll off the bass a bit (text is hard to read - had to zoom in). I’ve been using 1540s. In the OP’s case then, the DT990 might be a more true V sig to try.

That is quite interesting honestly, as someone who loves the V signature, I will have to try this sometime so I appreciate this insightful information. I can’t seem to find a graph anywhere using the shures unfortunately. However, by looking at the graph I feel it’d probably be closer to the dt 880s brightness not so much the 990s, more so since some amps horribly amp the hell out of the 990s treble making it horrifically sibilant.

Hah, thats a damn shame! Argons are fantastic headphones. Well I would say it’d be up to you. The helios is said to be similar to the beyers but I am unsure on it as I haven’t auditioned them myself. Like I said, 880s lack quite the bass presence so if you like bass your probably better off with 990s. Would definitely tell you if you are treble sensitive too that’s for sure. Asgard 3 with beyers is a very nice combo so I think You may find enjoyment in either one it’s just going to boil down to what your looking for. If you know for sure you like quite a bit of bass I would say to probably not grab the 880s as you’d probably appreciate the 770s, 990s and the later generations of the mmx300, T1, 1990, and T5P much more

I’m gonna take a listen to what I’ve got now and decide what I’d like to try out more between the 880s and the 990s.

I may well end up deciding that I want to go for argons in the end, but I suppose I might need to get rid of a couple headphones to make some space for them :sweat_smile:

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Don’t you mean get a bigger shelf? :smile:

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Well if you pick one of the DT series up let me know your thoughts on them. I think they are great headphones but each has it’s own signature to it.

That and a house instead of a 1 bedroom flat :rofl:

Get yourself a loft bed!

Think how many headphones you can hang under there! :crazy_face:


I’d recommend anything with soundstage. Beyer Tygrs, AKG K701s… and my favorite (but definitely not popular) Monoprice M650s (these were on sale for 80$ recently).

I have T50RPs and they’re also very… “versatile”. Do you think your T50RPs have too much highs? You can try this free mod.

If you want to try a muddy “U-shaped” sound, just move the foams 45 degrees so they’re blocking the corners of the square planar driver. That’s interesting. Nothing to cut or break etc, just move the foam.

I’ll throw the K7XX out as something you might consider. They are fairly flat and more laid back in their presentation than the DT880 or 990. Very wide and smooth. Not bass heavy.

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I’ve been looking into modding my t50s but wasn’t sure where to start, so thanks for those easy to try suggestions :grin:

I do have a set of k702s but I’m really not getting any sort of comfort out of them :rofl:

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