Headphones under 150

I’m crazy I know, but damn it I decided to go through with this. I have the DT 770s, am about to buy the 58Xs, and after checking my numbers I will have money left. Enough to buy another set of headphones… I’m not looking for endgame type of things, just want different sound signatures or something different? I don’t know, what would be fun?
For reference I hear wide range of music but mostly stuff like these three songs

Audio Technica M50x, no balls, do it.

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Three that I’ve found under that are the HiFi man HE-400I, Beyerdynamics DT 990, and Fidelio X2HR but I’m not married to the idea of any particular one. Would like opinions and more options

Lol I’ve no balls indeed.

Ok then try the Hifiman 4XX its a better 400i and cheaper

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I see, I was recommended those. I guess I might get them then, the only reason I considered these over them was because on Amazon they are more expensive and on drop I heard the wait time can be ridiculous

58x , Fidelio x2 hr are my picks for lot for hip hop. 880 for K-pop
58x for the all rounder pick

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Thnx, I’m Def getting the 58x. Just deciding on what other headphone. And the only problem with the 880 is that nothing I have can properly drive a higher impedence one otherwise I would get it too

what amp/dac are you using? Might be possible to put some of the extra money into other parts of the audio chain?

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There honestly is lol, it’s just that buying another dac or amp isn’t as fun to be completely honest. But I should be indeed investing in another dac/amp. I use the FIIO btr3, I should get the btr5 or a fiio mark ii

It’s just, you know how it is… Haha

yeah def, I get it. =)
Sometimes Amp upgrades can be just as exciting, although it’s a bit harder to find… As an example… THX Amp > RNHP was a bigger and more exciting sound upgrade than Elex > Clear

Though it might be partly an expectation thing… like I was not expecting as much from the amp. lol

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I mean the Elex sounds 90% like the Clear so yeah, as in the Clear has a bit more subbass

It’s a bit more than just some more subbass, but sure, yeah

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Fair point, it’s like instead of thinking about the different headphone I should try to get excited for the better sound from a better amp/dac. I think I will do so. It’s just that since I’m buying the 58x I thought it would be fun to get another headphone too haha. And have two new headphones to play with

Depends on the amp though for how close it sounds like the elex lol

880 250 ohm or 4xx/400i

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Personally I wanna get like 2 headphones one closed back cheap one for closed back needs and an expensive open back end game, I am not into getting many headphones and my budget doesn’t allow it as well so yeah.

Would you say I should focus on first getting a stronger amp/dac? If so of course I won’t buy another headphone. If I do buy another headphone It would probably be smart to get the 4xx without anything to drive the beyers

I mean, my lg v30 should be able to no? It did my 990s