Help for Audio for Competitive Gaming

I used so many gaming headphone and spent more than 2000$ On them but still didn’t find the perfect match. Right now I own the Sennheiser HD599, HD6XX, PC37x and the DAC/AMP Fiio e10K but recently I saw that the HD6XX isn’t the best at soundstage and precision, and since I am more orientated competitive gaming I want to focus on it and I will use a second headphone for music and gaming on my Mac with the DAC. So my question is : If I use the PC37X with the DAC/AMP Sennheiser GSX1000 for gaming is this the end game, the best combo or my HD6XX is better with fit ? I am open to any suggestion please, should not exceed 1000$
Only For Competitive Gaming please, so Soundstage and Imaging accuracy & Precision are essentiel and must be open back, ( i hate close back, not confortable)

Thank you very much

Personally, I think you may really enjoy a DT1990 pro. I think it is brighter so it emphasizes on spatial queues, has very good imaging and soundstage for spatial accuracy, and very good separation to represent everything accurately. The build is also solid, and the comfort is super nice to me

For an amp/dac situation, do you need something with a mic in?

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What about the Elex? Dont own one…yet but everyone talks about the good 360° imaging with no dead spots and very realistic sound stage. I had the X2’s which had crazy sound stage but it was too emphasized and turned out to be not so acurate. Elex might also be a good choice. Just my 2cents

The elex is very good too, but I picked the 1990 because I think it’s got better traits for competitive gaming. I think the elex is great for gaming, but I think the 1990 might be more beneficial for competitive

Completely understand.

I would pick the elex for music though for sure imo. But for a mainly gaming can, the 1990 might be more enjoyable

I ennjoy the shit out of my Aivas for gaming as well. Not competitive, but I do play fps games to a high standard and will say if you know your cans you adapt to their strengths and weaknesses. Always like reading your posts MON

The aivas are pretty good for gaming as well, I just think they don’t preform as well on soundstage and also are a bit lacking when it comes to creating a spatial image, but overall still pretty great for gaming (casual enjoyment factor very high if you like something a bit more aggressive lol)

Will you say the Elex is overall a better headphone than the AIVA?

I think so imo unless you really like aggressive treble, I just think it’s a higher tier of refinement and performance for the price

I do think the Elex is probably the one of the better all-rounder, but I don’t necessarily think it is a higher tier. I can probably go back and forth on the two (Aiva) on any given day to which I prefer, if I had to keep just one.

For competitive gaming, 1990 over the Aiva and Elex. I think the 1990 did a few these extremely well, and okay for other things. Competitive gaming is one aspect I think the 1990 does extremely well.

Elex and gaming is probably my least favorite of the 3. The 1990 for precision and imaging, Aiva for fun with as you feel bullets fly by your ear, and the Elex are just okay in comparison to the other two as far as gaming experience. But that is just me.

Thanx guys, really on the fence. Love my aivas but also curious if the elex will be a better headphone. Just plain better.

I was going to save money for the HD800S but i went and look for review about the DT1990, and everyone is saying that the imaging and sounstage are amazing for competitive gaming,
so i think i will trust you guys and take it, it runs on250 ohm so what DAC/AMP will run it best you guys suggest ? not something expensive please ^^
i have a fio e10K so i wanna upgrade ^^

I personally think something like the topping d10 + a liquid spark amp would be pretty great and run them pretty well

Also the 800s is good but actually I think that it can be confusing at times since the spatial image is somewhat exaggerated at times and that can make it actually inaccurate in some games for locating a sound in a space

I totally agree, an overemphasized sound stage is not as wow for gaming like everyone makes it out to be. Especially not for competitive gaming. I had better results on my shp9500 than on the X2. For casual gaming yea but pin point accuracy the imaging gets worse the wider the soundstage goes. Good call on the DT1990

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guys how about DAC/AMP
is there a combo that is good ? or i need to buy seperate amp and dac ?

As Mon said before the d10+ liquid spark is a great combo

MON you keep on referring to the liquid spark, do you prefer it over the ATOM?

It depends on the headphones imo. I personally like the slightly colored sound on the amp more than the transparency of the atom, but TBH I would be happy with either. The atom goes well with some headphones and the liquid spark pairs well with others

Aiva? Which would you prefer