Help: K371 Questions

So I am looking for a closed back for around $100.
I can get the CAL! for $60, the MH751 for $80 and the M50x for $125.

Things I am worried about:

The CAL! seems to be a small headphone with a small headband that doesn’t extend that much and I have a big head so idk if they would fit me if anyone could chime in maybe compare the headband extension to other headphones that’d be helpful.

The MH751 where described as sounding sharp by many people and I do not enjoy sharp piercing treble at all. Also they have a 5k dip of about 10db from the measurements I’ve seen, so if someone that owns them could talk about the sound in-depth that would be amazing.

The M50x is the headphone that everyone and their mom has, but Zeos and others said they are not that good, if anyone owns them and could chime in that’d be great.

No I can’t get the AKG K371 as they would cost me $200 to get them in my country and that’s outside of my budget. And if anyone knows other headphones that would be good in the $100 area I am all ears!

If you don’t like sharp treble the m50x is out of the question then. But the m40x might be to your liking instead

From what I understand the M50x are supposed to have a more metallic treble rather than sharp and piercing, you can see that on RTINGS’s measurements as well the M40x has more of a 10k peak while the M50x has a 4.3k peak and a lesser 10k peak, the m40x also has a 10db peak at 15k which i dont know what does.

I would say if you are looking for bass performance and a fun v shape, the Cal is for you.

If you want a neutral ish sound that’s somewhat even, the m40x is for you

If you want a bit warmer and slightly laid back, the mh751 is for you

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I think I’d like the CAL! sound the most but i am worried about the headband extension and if it can accomodate a big head

the mh751’s are super comfortable. i can use them forever. they weigh nothing. bass is not the greatest, but the rest of the spectrum is fairly good. i do not own the other 2, but i prefer the mh751’s to my he35x for instance. they are my personal favorite sub 100 dollar headphone that i have owned. but once again, have not tried a whole lot below 100.

edit: i have a huge head as well btw.

I really like my CAL headphones, they are quite fun. FWIW, my hat size is 7 3/4 and they fit at max extension. I have to deal with large ears as well and CALs sit on-ear if that’s a problem.

Hello fellow melonheads my head is big in the sense that the distance between the ear and the top of my head is big, so my head is not wide its long one could say, sadly I don’t know hat sizes but if you could compare the headband extension to other headphones that would be helpful!

LOL this is incredibly imprecise as I don’t have a tape measure on hand. That’s an 11 inch piece of paper inside the headband of the CAL fully extended. Not sure if that helps, I just don’t feel like working at the moment.

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Thats really helpful, thanks alot! sadly I dont think the CAL! will fit me since I have the the HyperX Cloud which have a headband circumference of 12 inches and they almost fit me but not quite…
I guess now its between the MH751 and the M50x.

I would not recommend the M50X at all. The high notes and treble are way too harsh for listening.
I would recommend the MH751 instead. Much less harsh, more balanced sound. Much more pleasant to listen to. And Zeos said that it is the most comfortable headphone he has ever worn.
One other one I would suggest is the Sivga 006. A little more bass than the MH751, and almost as comfortable. Nice and portable too, and looks really nice too with the wood.

Still under 100 dollars too.

Glad to help, sorry that it won’t work out though.

Edit: On another note, AKG K371 is pretty well received but it’s slightly above 100. I don’t own them but they look very adjustable in the vertical direction. Maybe others can chime in.

Edit: scratch that, i just reread your original post.

I can’t get the Sivga in my country sadly :frowning:

I would get the K371 if I could but they are too expensive here and I don’t have the money rn, I just want a cheap closed back to have a closed back, and when I have money I will drop $300-500 on an end game open back.

Is the dt770 80 ohm available for you?

I can buy them here but they are also 175 bucks which is out of my budget.

I think the mh751 might be the best choice then for what’s available to you for the price, it should be big enough for your head


I second this choice.

But what about the M50x, they measure well and people seem to hate them just because Zeos hates them, would be nice to see some thoughts from someone that owns them or has owned them going in depth about the sound, that’d be really great!

Ok, I used to have a pair. They work well for monitoring, but for music listening, they are alright, but lack dynamic range, and also can be to forward and harsh imo. I think if you wanted to go for the audio technicas, I personally prefer the m40x as it’s a bit more suitable for music listening imo