Help! Need opinions or insight

Ok, so after digging around on the interwebs and watching reviews upon reviews I’ve come up with a blank. What bookshelf speakers actually sound good in a bookshelf. And I mean a proper bookshelf, with books and the assorted clutter. I know that ideally the speakers should be away from the back wall or even out in the room on stands, but my listening area won’t allow that. Does anyone have some input on what to look for in a speaker or have experience with your speakers in this kind of set-up?

Here’s a picture of what I’m dealing with.
This would be so much easier if reviewers would put these speakers on a shelf. Lol!

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So you would want to insure to look for a speaker with a front port or a sealed speaker. What amp would you be using and what price range? Also what type of sound do you enjoy? A bookshelf isn’t the most ideal for bookshelf speakers but it can work if needed lol

2 big floor standing speakers to replace the cabinets each side of the monitor :+1:

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Go figure, a bookshelf speaker isn’t ideal for a bookshelf. Lol!
Price isn’t on the table yet, I’m one of those guys that will just save until he can get what he wants.
As for what I’m listening to, just about everything. This will also be incorporated into a surround setup, so movies will fall in there as well.
And that will bring us to power. I’ll probably want to go with passives. I have an old A-S300 that I can use for the time being until I sort out a A/V receiver.

@Ohmboy Lol! Sorry, I gotta live with my wife and she likes her books!


The s300 is actually pretty good, I would just stick with that unless you really want to upgrade imo.

There’s lots of options speaker wise, I just would like a rough est of what you would be willing to spend

I like it. I used it as my desk amp for years and it’s never let me down. It’s just a stereo amp though, so multichannel will be an upgrade in the future and the Yamaha will retire back to my desk. That is unless I get the itch and buy the Audiovalve Solaris.:grin:

Let’s say around $500 max.

Although sitting here looking at speakers with front ports, I may still have to use stands. Unless I lay them on their side.

I was thinking something like the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 for your case, would be a good starting point to see how things turn out imo

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Looks like that might be where I need to land. I’ll end up having to lay them on their sides though no matter where I put them. I will say Ohmboy’s suggestion is looking a little more appealing.

Lol, well that can work too, it would just be something to perhaps ask the wife first if you mess with the books :wink:

Sitting here looking at the tv, I think some micca OoO would fit nicely on either side. But they seem like they work better nearfield, plus at this distance a sub would definitely be needed.

My concern with that would be the rear ports, it might not sound ideal

Hmmm… it would be an interesting test. Maybe one day. Well, I just need to gather the cash and try out the ELACs.

Can you estimate your percentage of home theater usage vs. music listening for these upcoming speakers?

The Micca RB42 are good for their price. I know ELAC makes nice speakers too.

@Veritas it’s about even, maybe 60/40. Depends on the day. Why do you ask?

@Soren_Peregrine I’ve looked at the RB42 and am still considering them. But the idea behind the post was to see if anyone had feed back on bookshelf speakers on an actual bookshelf.


If it was favoring more theater, I would push towards a Klipsch recommendation. They are dynamic and punchy, which is favorable during movies. The bonus is to look at, since they frequently have great sales for Klipsch with no tax and free shipping.
Klipsch are still great for music of course, if that liveliness is your thing.