Help on getting first DAC

I’ve been looking at DAC’s recently and saw that Schiit has the close out on the Classic Multibit Stack. I contemplating on either getting the Classic Multibit Stack or getting a Modi Multibit. I had an idea that if i get the Classic Multibit Stack i was going to keep the Bifrost Multibit and give the Asgard 2 to a buddy of mine, or should i just keep the stack and sell the Heresy?

I have been loving my Bifrost MB lately for sure.

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Really? I’m really new to DAC’s right now and i don’t really know what to look for. What are your thoughts on your Bifrost MB? Is it worth to get it now or should i save up for the BIfrost 2?

Fisher Price makes a My first DAC now. :wink:


I only have experience with 4 DACs, three of them were DS and this was the only multibit. After hearing it, I am a believer of the MB and my future one will likely be another R2R. I ended up getting the Bifrost MB on the $349 sale (the non-2).
It definitely sounds more natural, life-like, airy, and wider sound stage than any of my previous DACs. I don’t have any comparisons to the 4490 version or the v2 version either.
Best of luck and let me know if you have any other specific questions.

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Talk about balling on a budget.

Of course! Thanks for your input. What are you using for your Amp?

The more serious answer is that a lot of people will tell you, get a Schiit stack and you can probably end there. DACs are important, but if you don’t hear a difference, they anything more than a good first tier DAC is an absolute waste of money. If it provides you the right connectivity, everything else is an extra.

Just recently I got a chance to listen to a HUGO2 DAC amp, a $2500 dollar piece of gear. I scrolled through the various “filters” it had, for about five minutes, critically listening and I couldn’t tell a difference. The DAC itself was probably great, but the gains over a good $200 dollar DAC would be as minimal as minimal gets when compared to the difference your speakers or headphones make. As mentioned though, multibit or R2R stuff, people like and say it makes an impact.


I am using a Musical Paradise MP-301 MK3 Tube Amp with rolled tubes. I got it for the warmer, richer sound. I primarily listen to acoustic music so that sways me in that direction.

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What are you thoughts on Multibit? Also could you ELI5 what a R2R is?

Ooooo tube amps? I’ve been looking into tube amps as well. Not going to get one anytime soon but what are the pros and cons of using a tube amp?

With my limited experience, the immediate pros I heard is that they are warmer and more analog sounding. They also give you the flexibility of rolling tubes to fine tune the kind of sound you want.

This then also leads to the cons, rolling tubes can get very expensive and a stupidly deep rabbit hole of even trying to understand the names behind them. They also can get hot as a mofo.

As a neutral point (or maybe a pro) is that some tubes glow to give you some mood lighting when you turn off the lights, lol

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I wouldn’t get the modi multibit, but the bitfrost MB or something like the airist R2R is pretty great. But you want to prioritize your amp and headphones first, as those will make the bigger difference compared to getting a better dac

Yes, I agree with what M0N said. Most of your budget should go towards your headphones/speakers, then your amp, then your DAC

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So if i get the Asgard 2 with the Bifrost MB should i keep the Asgard 2 over the Magni Heresy?
Or should i just say fuck it and get the Asgard 3 with the MB or the 4490?

I would try and find someone who’s heard the integrated Multibit DAC, and the Bifrost.
SBAF might have someone.
I have a similar question around the Multibit DAC card for the Jot and the Bifrost.

The other thing to consider is if you see yourself upgrading, a separate DAC means you can just find a new AMP and vice versa. The Schiit’s at least let you bypass the internal DAC if you go that way.

Ohhh right i forgot about the whole separate DAC situation. The ease of upgrading certain parts.
I don’t mind right now, having a separate DAC. But from what i’ve heard the Asgard 3 has a lot of great things going for it right now and i wouldn’t mind trying out the MB on it either. Just a lot of good reviews on MB. Tbh i should have saved myself the time and realized that the Heresy needed a DAC to go with it.

I would not get the Asgard 2. The Asgard 3 is much better

Of course I have to mention the Geshelli ENOG2. I’m really impressed by that DAC. I think it could be all the DAC most people need. IMO

Also since I can now read this thread I would just suggest keeping your current setup and seeing how things fare before upgrading. I don’t think you are really missing out on much, and I think the money you would spend for a new dac and amp would be better spent on a headphone imo