Help on some cans for a tube

Yo guys. I need some closed back headphones to use with the little bear u4 (non x). Budget is about 150 to 200$. Listen to warm, bright and dark music. Also like metal time to time.

I think a hd58x would be pretty nice with that imo

Not a closed back though.
I’m really drawing a blank on a closed back.

Ah shit, didn’t see that lol, what about a dt770 250 ohm

a bit too v shaped for me.

I would say the k371 but I haven’t tried them on a tube, but the b4 is a hybrid so I don’t think it would be an issue

You know of anything really detailed like the akg 712?

Yes, but I think you would be inching out of your price bracket imo. I think the focal elegia would work pretty well, and the ndh 20 is something that a fair amount of people seem to enjoy. The dt177x go actually is pretty nice and has a different tuning that might be up your alley

I would say something like the t60’s are detailed, but it wouldn’t work well with your amp imo

HoW about the dekoni blue?

It’s alright, but I think if you don’t enjoy a v shape or lots of bass, it isn’t for you. Also personally I think you would want a better amp if you were going to go with a t50 mod imo

maybe the akg k553?
20 character minimum

But I mean, the 371 exists now lol

thes sound different not as harman neutaly as the 371,

Yes, but I think the k371 is also a step up in technicalities as well

Also something else could possibly be the B&O H6

b and o h6 might eb the better idea here.

What i want from the tube is to make the sound warm and vintage

but now that I think about it they are being tubed so not like the tuning matters as much as usual .

It’s a hybrid so it’s not full tube, so it won’t affect it that much imo, also the base signature still mattes

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Hmmm, what about an audioquest nighthawk? But that would be a hit or miss for sure

How woUld u describe them sound wise