Help upgrading from a Schiit stack into something with a front power switch

I want upgrade/expand my Schiit stack which powers my Hd660s, DT770 pro 80 Ohm, ATH-M40x, Massdrop x Fostex TX0, and a Koss KPH30i. I also have a Micca OriGain amp powering a pair of Kef Q100. I have it hooked up to my computer and dislike the fact that if I keep it on it with continue to draw power and produce heat. Turning it on and off from the back is also a hassle, its a small hassle but its still enough to bug me over time.
The main thing I want to upgrade/expand right now is the amp although some dac suggestions along side the amp or a dac amp combo is welcome. The budget I have is $400CAD or $300USD (for the amp only. If you want to suggest a matching dac, that budget doubles). I’d like it to have either a front power switch especially if its a Class A amp or have an auto off function. A pre-out is also important. Thanks!!


What Schiit stack is it, and what do you feel is missing? Is your focus more on the speakers or headphones?

For $30 you can buy a 4 pack of smart outlet plugs., control with your phone, turn them on and off whenever. I use them around the house for different purposes. Great also if you leave home and you forget to turn something off. I use 2 of them on my BF2 and Asgard 3 and of course Welcome to the nut farm!!


Yea i feel that with your headphones, an upgraded amp/dac wouldnt really do them justice? That power switch thing is a good idea though. But ultimately your choice :slight_smile: just my two cents. Welcome to the community!

Its the magni and modi. I don’t really have experience with other dac/amps so I don’t even know what I’m missing. I’m only a few years into the hobby. I just want something different to compare it to. My headphones are my daily drivers but I feel more engaged when listening to music on speakers.

Why do you feel the need to shut the equipment off?

It’s just my subconsciousness telling me that something constantly drawing current simply to create heat is not nice.

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Electronics should never be left unattended.
There is equipment built to run 24/7, most definetly isn’t.

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Are you being serious???

…yea probably? Lol left on unattended maybe

What could electronics do if left unattended? How many stereos or computers/laptops or Amazon Echos or Google Nests or security systems or alarm clocks…(you get the gist) do you know of that have caused home fires or some similar type of “bad thing” to happen? Electronics don’t legally make it to market if they pose a risk to the end user.

Anyway, to each his own…

The only reason to shut off a stereo system is to save on electricity (which if you look at the power draw on a component is WAY less than a standard low wattage lightbulb).

Only other reason is to extend vacuum tube life.

Just to give you a little bit of perspective: the Magni draws 6 watts. The Modi runs off USB and probably draws no more than 2 watts. So 8 watts total. The average light bulb is 75-100 watts. So you would need 10X what your system is using just to light up your room.

If want to simply upgrade, go for it. But spending money just so you can more conveniently shut your equipment off is a waste of money.

Anything where there is more than just some small switchmode that blows clear in one small bang (such as used on most “gimicks” at home) pose a real danger when running 24/7.

Having your fat amplifier run all the time collecting dust is asking for avoidable trouble.

Meaning the PSU in your computer with its fuse and protection has your back.
Looking at some more questionable design decisions (who needs vents anyway?), I wouldn’t trust every device to not overheat and cause that sweet electrolytic smell.


I never said “buy questionable Chinese garbage and don’t worry about it”. Now, if you can show me regular failures and fires from reputable brands, I will concede that you have a valid point. Most of the “quality” chargers and such are also made in China btw…

Ha! Samsung had some phone fires. I concede - you have a valid point. However, you should also use common sense - products that catch fire become well known pretty quickly. I don’t know of any stereo gear currently in production that does that. The Schiit products have been on the market for many years. If they were burning people’s houses down, we’d know about it.

There may have been a thread about that on here lol, but yes it’s really not common. Most high end solid state stereo gear actually encourages you to leave it on, as most higher end stuff has a long warm up period or sounds better when you leave it on (but it varies from product to product)

Also sorry for continuing the off topic lol

A lot of audio manufacturers (many of VERY high repute) specify that unless you’re concerned about electricity use, you should leave their equipment on.

Ultimately this discussion is a bit like saying “you should add a second brake pedal to your car in case the first fails”. Can the manufacturer eff things up and produce a bad brake pedal? Sure. How often dies it happen? Are people adding a second brake pedal to their cars just in case the first fails? No.

Again, just be logical about things. If you’re worried about your stereo burning your house down while you’re not at home, you should start unplugging your fridge as well.

Ok this is getting a bit too off topic now lol @BabyShotgun if you wanted a sidegrade/small upgrade to the schiit stack the monolith liquid spark and upcoming liquid spark dac are pretty nice and worth a look. The jds el dac and El amp ii are pretty solid for clean and neutral imo for something higher tier. Both have convenient power switches and pre outs, and imo would pair will with what you have

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Hey dude, I know this isnt a recent post but, I too am putting together a stack for IEMs and maybe a can or two. So why dont people simply plug all the power bricks into a switched outlet? Or a switched power block? Or a switched power regenerator? That way all the components turn on and off together. No fumbling around the back. That or go to “home goods” and pick up a marble “lazy susan”. AKA lazy Paddy. These are some of the things im considering.