Help upgrading my ears


Currently i own a Superlux HD681 EVO. I want to get something better for competitive FPS gaming (I dont care about anything else but to hear a guy sneezing on the other server :smiley: )
I have a Steinberg UR12 because i need XLR for my mic.
Without swapping out the ur12 whats the best option for me for around 100-150$
Im from Europe - Hungary.
I have 2 ideas, ATH-AD700X or the AKG K702. The AKG might want me to replace the ur12 for something better.

Any other stuff i should look at?

If its above budget its fine im down for the used market :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the beyer dynamic dt990?

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Not yet, is that something my Steinberg ur12 can run?

Hmm I would believe so but I’m not entirely sure, the Steinberg is rated at 6mW + 6mW at 40Ohms but higher impedance should work fine.
However the 990 is 250Ohm…

What would be the ideal option if i need to switch out the ur12?

The new Schiit Magni 3+ should be good. Though i heard the dt990 can be a bit harsh with the treble. maybe that would be better for gaming. but i prefer the dt880 600ohm.

The thing about the Audio technica’s is the brand you mentioned doesnt have any clamp. and it has no tilt just swivel. which i found hard to wear. The beyerdynamic however are very well built and have tilt and a little swivel. as well as being extremely comfortable lol

Hmm, for me going for the magni and the dt880 or even the dt990 will be way over the budget. I have to settle with the steinberg and get something that it can run. I might need to stick with the ad700x at this point

Well if its gonna be a problem i still think the dt880 at 32 ohm will be fine:

How big of an upgrade would it be to my Superlux HD681 Evo?
I heard for 20-25$ this is a killer.

I love the Superlux’s. So cool to have a over ear headphone that sounds that good for 30$ i bought the Evo for 25$ lol. But the Beyerdinamic will put it to shame. The Evo has a lot of limitations. sounds a little bit rickety. But the dt880 is solid

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Never had any decent headphones, the superlux is the best ive got, and i can hear so much more than any of my friends with their “gaming” headphones. I just checked online and found no used dt880 or dt990, only found one ad700x for 90$. Maybe if i write down what choices i have it would be better to decide :smiley:

AD700X - 90$
Sennheiser HD558 - 70$
AKG K702 - 120$

Other Brand new prices should considered from

Well im not sure. I envy you. You’re about to take a step into hifi and its a lot of fun. But im not sure. If it was me i’d go with the hd558. or the akg k702. the 702 is known to be a very good headphone. but i dont know for gaming. Audio technica is good too. despite its limitations. Their all good headphones. maybe someone else here can comment on which is best for gaming. i would wait if i were you. you’ll get a lot of replys to this post today

Out of those, I would probably go with the K702.

I have AKG 712 Pro’s and AudioTechnica AD500x’s, the AKG has more freedom in the earcup movement. Allthough I like the flaps for a headband the 500x’s have more than the leather strap on the AKG’s.

As DT990’s (and other beyers) are often found in environments where this style of audio interface is used, you can be sure it will work just fine.

So if not those i should def go with one of the beyers for gaming?

Beyerdynamic DT880 and DT990 get recommended arround here a lot for gaming use.

Personally, I just prefer AKG’s sound signature over Beyerdynamics.

long story short, either one i get its going to be a huge improvement over my superlux? :smiley:

Perhaps the 80 ohms, but they do really struggle with 250 and 600 ohm models from my experience

What is the difference between those if i can ask? I dont really know anything about that

So the xx0 Beyer’s come with different impedance options, and essentially to sum it up the lower the impedance, the easier to drive, but that being said from my experience the higher impedance Beyer’s do tend to sound better than the low ohm versions, like the 32 and 80 ohm have issues with peaky treble, and uncontrolled sound compared to the more refined sound and also a bit more impressive sounding higher impedance versions