Help with Computer Speakers

Well I have a budget of about $600 bucks Australian dollars 50/50 gaming and music and possible a future upgrade with a sub cant decide if I should go with
Audioengine A5+
Kanto YU6
JBL LSR305P MKII with Dac/Amp but not sure what one or just a Schiit Audio SYS Passive PreAmp
Klipsch R51M with the Schiit Audio SYS Passive PreAmp the PM version of these r over 1000 bucks in Australia
Any suggestions or advice would help
Thanks in advanced

Are vanatoo t0 speakers available for where you are? Those would be my pick if they are there at a reasonable price. If not, the kanto yu6 is pretty nice imo

Nope cant get the vanatoo t0 here unless I import then

Gotcha, what music do you listen to and what games do you play?

Well music a lot of metal and trance games mainly FPS and a bit of WOW

What type of sound do you prefer? The kantos are a balanced sound, where something like the klipsch for example would be more warmer and smoothed out

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Well my main Home theater is Klipsch and I don’t mine them my current PC speakers r Corsair SP2500
if I go Klipsch I cant justify 1200 for the PM version if I go with the M version I am looking at about 750 with a Schiit Audio SYS Passive PreAmp but leaves no space for a subwoofer upgrade

those would be good while on sale and leave room for subwoofer

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Would u take a pair of Klipsch R15pm over the Kanto Yu6

kantos are good, was just trolling some ausy sites for ya(not that i know any really lol) and stumbled on the powered wharfedales for cheap. the kantos will sound better, but cost a little more because that sale price. but with the 5 1/4 woofer on the yu6, you will be surprised how much bass you will get. me, i would get the better speakers and save for a sub down the road. but i like the approach of buy what you really want, even if that means waiting longer. buy the kantos and a cheap logitech or creative or anybody that sells a sub 30$ 2.1 system and steal the subwoofer from it to use with your kantos if you must have a sub now. but personally getting the kantos now and sub later, i think is the way to go for you.

the r-51pm may sound slightly better, but thats debatable. one has a soft dome tweeter and 1 has a metal. the klipsch will sound more metallic on the highs then the kantos.

i think if those are the 2 choices you have settles on, go for the kantos

Cheers stuff cost so much more down here I can get the Kantos for about $585 and the Klipsch r $699 so a big difference .
Would u recommended a DAC to go with any of these 2 speakers?

i would add a dac at some point, but good speakers still sound good on a shitty dac. shitty speakers still sound shitty on a great dac. point of that is they will both sound good with windows dac, but even better down the road with a better dac. that being said, you should be fine with one of the cheaper topping or fiio dacs. if those are not available, let us know what is for cheap =D

Is Edifier stuff available in Australia? They make good all-in-ones too.

For this price you could even have the S2000 Pros I think.

We have them
Or these r the choices I can get in au
Is the Schiit Fulla 3 worth it $230 bucks here the Schiit stack is like $450 a bloody joke
I don’t mind spending a few hundred on a dac

Fiio K5 pro or Topping DX3 are good choices if you need a headphone out

Topping d50 if you can. Great dac. D10 is also great for the price. I would get one of them so your paying for all dac.

Yeh they have the Edifier for about $450 bucks just not to keen on the wood look with my white set up lol

Whoops that was for the 2000 it’s 640 for the pro 3000

Kanto TUKs are available in white then :stuck_out_tongue: (USB in and good headphone out included).

$1200 bucks here :frowning_face: