HFG Meetup (Gauging Interest)

So… what’s the consensus?

Something east coast, perhaps a hotel where we can rent a room, some tables and we just spend a day shooting the shit. I’m sure a central location hotel would give discount for an event for folks that might want to stay overnight to break the travel time.

**Late Summer, Early Fall, this would give us some time to plan
We can have a treasurer that would take a small contribution so we can pay for a hall (consider it a cover charge)
**We can limit is to say 24 folks depending on interest, but just so things don’t get out of hand.
**Potential list of equipment so we don’t duplicate
**HP based so, you know portability
**One day affair, because I don’t really like you guys that much
**Covid-19 Vaccination Card Requirements?

Since I don’t really keep tabs as to who’s where a Mid-Atlantic state location seems best. Maybe pull people from NYC to DC. Somewhere in MD or PA as a meet up point?

Inserted a Poll, which of these would you attend (max 3 choices) we’d probably go with the one with most potential attendees. Also, looking at a map, Morristown NJ or Lancaster PA are two good locations that have a tremendous population all within 2 hours drive time. So the poll is just to gauge if there’s a preference.

Nothing stopping W-Coast Members from doing likely, just figured that there’s already a concentration of Mid-Atlantic membership that would be low hanging fruit as a first attempt.

  • BOS
  • NYC
  • PHL
  • DC

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Schiit Yggdrasil
Burson Conductor 3XR
Bottle Head Crack w/Speedball (custom)
ZMF Eikon
Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD58X
Roon Server w/Qobuz

Pretty much what I can contribute since I don’t want to bring any of my 2 channel stereo stuff.


Cool idea, I’m interested.

Required to show papers? No thanks haha that’s been played out in history before.


I’m in this country legally no matter what people say :eyes: them rumors just rumors


Haha talking about those experimental papers…

Hifiguides meet up would be dope af. Just seems like alot of work organizing it. When most of us are people that just sit in their chairs and listen to tunes lol would be nice if someone is able to manage it tho haha


When I ask for a water, I make sure to say no ICE. lol

We’ll make lazy people pay more. :wink:

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Should also do it in Baltimore. I hear they have strict gun laws so it’ll be safer than PA. Since we’re worried about safety and all.

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Detroit doesn’t allow guns. Probably safe there.


Make sure to tell us what kind of car (color and tag) you’ll be driving. I got some friends there that are looking for gear.


Make sure to wear your mask when driving alone as well. We can’t take any chances.

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That’s a good point. We could move it slightly west to allow more people to join us. Though the crowd size may start to get a little large. Definitely getting into safety concerns.

Just to get the Covid-19 thing out of the way, I’m vaccinated so I don’t give a fuck about what someone else might do, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, get a vaccine or whatever. I am however part of a global community so I will conform to whatever decision we make a group nearer to the event. The point is community and making sure we enjoy the meetup as a community.

As-salamu alaykum

However I insist everyone keep their shirts and pants on.


Welp, im out


For the sake of idle curiosity, is it having to keep the shirt on or the pants on that’s the deal breaker? :rofl:


True, I think my boi rhodey might be looking a little too much to make this an issue lol. Since it is up to everyone whether they want to attend or not if they do we should follow certain rules for everyone to be happy.

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I vote the pants off as the deal breaker lol


If you’re vaccinated and you don’t care, then why do you wish to see papers? Why mention it? Brownie points?

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