Hi Fi sightings in the wild

Thought I’d start a thread for posting pics and links for sightings of HiFi components and other in non-HiFi contexts. I’ll start things off…Dr. Drew uses Bereydynamic DT770s in his studio:

If you’re interested snap a pic or post a link the next time you see part of our hobby “in the wild!”

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Ha! How about HiFi literally in the wild?

Above is a Roon server I built for outdoor use and took camping. I used an i7 NUC + Roon R.O.C.K. and stored my music on an internal SSD. The server is routed through a Ubiquiti edgerouter to a mesh WiFi antenna.

I used a portable basketball hoop (without the hoop part attached) to mount both the antenna and the weatherproof enclosure. The enclosure itself is totally self-contained, with 2 fans to pull air through and help the system cool, and 2 ports on the bottom for ethernet (router to antenna, w/ PoE) and AC (from a battery + inverter, recharged via solar).

This setup worked perfectly for 4 straight days of camping and had about a 500’ usable range for streaming music. I mostly used tablets w/ Roon Remote as the endpoints, and bluetooth speakers as outputs from the tablets. However, the source music was all lossless FLAC.


Holy balls. That’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen

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I was reminded of this reddit post I saw a while back of an audiophile seen in the wild:

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And because my daughter sometimes has her way with my iPad, I watch the following multi language video and could recognize quite a bit of the cans used:

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