Hi-Fi Speakers who can handle Saturate sound & BPM


I’m looking for Hi-Fi Speakers who can handle Black metal music. Most of the time, the sound is crap and if we rise the volume of the speaker, it start to “saturate”. And who are able to transcribe the authenticity of thoses tracks.

It’s a genre with high BPM and saturate sound. I don’t know where to start for speakers, i’ve look a lot of speakers on Z review youtube channel but hard to have a picture of the real sound. Even with the sound demo.

I’ve some tracks to share if you want to try at home, if you have good hi-fi speakers.

_ Darkthrone - Kathaarian Life Code
_ Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky
_ Darkthrone - Transilvanian hunger
_ Burzum - Dunkelheit
_ Burzum - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
_ Dissection - Unhallowed
_ Sarkrista - The Gathering of Blackest Shadows
_ Inquisition - The Initiation
_ Satyricon - Nemesis Divina

Edit : Price max 1500 but open to more if it’s really necessary. I prefer eventually a “correct” price. Because starting from a price, the difference between good and bad speakers is really tiny.

My experience in speakers are vintage AKAI Hi-Fi station (AT-2400/AM-2400) with SA-1000 speakers. (I don’t know what is worth.) With Vynil, Compact Disk and Tape.

I want to drop my old and crap Logitech X-530 5.1 speakers from my computer.

I have a room of 35m². It’s for listening music in the room and also when playing video-games.

i’m also looking for a good amplifier who can transcribe with authenticity thoses musics.

I want to use my computer as source yes, when sitting at my desk or near it (when in the sofa). They will be close i believe. Only in Stereo. (Don’t like surround sound because there is never place to put rear speakers.)

Thanks for your help,
I love what Z review do on his channel, seem really passionate.

What price range are you looking in, what is the size of your room, and what amp do you have? Also do you currently have any speakers

I’m not really in a price range because i know it can coast a lot, i will say first price will be ok, i know than it can cost a lot. Maybe 1500 dollars max ?

My room is about 35m². I don’t have speakers, i had the old Hi-Fi speakers of my dad. I think it was a vintage AKAI Hi-Fi station. (AT-2400/AM-2400), i think it was SA-1000 as speaker who where with it. I would like to have something to this quality “minimum”.

I use my old logitech X-530 5.1 speakers from my computer to listen music and to play videogames. But the sound is really crap. Even with a soundblaster sound card.

Does that mean you’re also in the market for an amplifier in addition to the speakers? Also, do you plan to continue to use the computer as your source? If so, will this be for listening while sitting at your desk (near field) or sitting on a chair several feet from the speakers?

Yes, i’m also looking for a good amplifier who can transcribe with authenticity thoses musics.

I want to use my computer as source yes, when sitting at my desk or near it (when in the sofa). They will be close i believe. Only in Stereo. (Don’t like surround sound because there is never place to put rear speakers.)

Gotcha, you have many options. I don’t think you should spend that much as your budget allows, imo this could be accomplished for a fair bit less. Do you have a preferred sound signature?

I just put this price because i know than it can cost a lot. A “correct” price will be ok.

I don’t know what you mean by sound signature. I want to feel like when you have good headphones on your ears and you feel like the orchestra is playing in front of you (But maybe it will be too much asking, quality sound for hi-fi speakers will be great). My dad had a really good closed headphones when you had it on your ears, it was like the band was in the room or like a studio recording.

Hmmm. If you wanted powered speakers, you could get the vanatoo t1e, or if you wanted passive speakers, you could get a pair of Klipsch RP600m and a topping pa3 amplifier. Both of these options would be very impressive and filing imo.

Black metal can often be recorded a bit bright. Maybe something from Elac that rolls off the highs a bit? Which would likely require a bit beefier amp. @Sombre, how do your ears react to treble? Are they senstive to high pitches or is that not an issue?

The klipsch are pretty smooth, while maintaining to be dynamic, impactful, and also detailed, I think it would be a pretty good choice

Thanks for the propositions you made.

Yes, Black metal is often with a lot of treble but also with good and deep bass.

For your treble question, do you have a sound track to suggest to test my ears ? You want to know if i’m feeling unconfortable with High pitches ? All i know is than i play traditionnal music and i hate when i heard wrong note. (That’s not helping)

First, listen to @M0N before me. He has lots more experience with a variety of gear.

I don’t have specific tracks in mind. I just know that on a few black metal tracks I’ve heard the treble is often quite sharp. I agree the bass is active an powerful, but cymbal crashes also come rapid fire and can sound like a string of modulating high frequency noise if not reproduced well. Basically, yes, I was asking if you have a sensitivity to high frequencies as my limited experience with black metal suggests that’s a relevent question.

M0N’s advice about not spending your whole budget is wise. Since this is an early foray into HiFi for you, you should spend at the lower end of your budget and start figuring out what parts of the sound are most important to you. He’s likely spot on that the PA3 and RP600M or those Vanatoos will give you the resolution and instrument separation you’re seeking. Once you have that start paying attention to more specific likes and dislikes in the sound for future purchases.

Yes, i’m agree, i think i’m ok with high pitchs. The only thing who annoy me is burned big speakers in music festival (from a bad soundboard engineer or because the sound is too loud for them).

i’ve listened thoses vanatoo t1e & rp600m on Zeos channel. They are differents, the first have more equality in the sound spectrum. The second seem to be more precise with a lot of treble (but good bass).

My main worry is than speakers can’t follow high BPM and make a sound like if the speakers where burned. I think the RP600m are more able to handle high BPM.

I like the two of them ! For the amp, why the pa3 ? Is there big difference between “electronic” amp ? (Not vintage tube)

Each amp will sound and react differently to speakers. The pa3 is clean, fast, and sounds great with plenty of juice for the efficient klipsch, and doesn’t break the bank. If you want an all in one solution for dac, amp and other features, the denon pma600ne is a really awesome unit to power them if you want to upgrade the sound further, but you are getting kinda high in price at that point. Do you still have the old speaker amp? If so, you could use that to power the speakers


No i don’t have thoses old speakers amp. I’m just tired of cheap & shit sound station. I want to buy something correct. I think i need a dac & a good equalizer anyway.

AKAI was better or worse than thoses suggestions ?

Maybe some Klipsch Heresy III.

The akai was most likey alright but I don’t think it would be the ideal amplifier. The 600m and a nice amp and dac would be an excellent setup. You can either use a software eq or get a hardware eq like a schiit loki or have something with integrated tone controls like the pma600ne

So I think if you wanted to save the most money, you could get the rp600m and topping pa3 and use your sound card as a dac.

If you wanted to spend more but something higher quality with a built in dac as well, the rp600m and the pma600ne have what you want.

The reason I recommend the 600m for speakers is because it can handle loud volumes easily, has very clear treble, and is very dynamic with a good amp and can keep up with quick and impactful music without issue. It is also slightly warmer and smoother so not harsh.

Not sure if you would be able to make those work reasonably well on a desk lol. Also with the heresy series I find that they can get a bit muddled when it comes to more complex pieces because of the slower woofer they use

Missed the desk parameter. Though that would be hilarious looking!

I think saving money is the best way to go for a first time. I prefer to have physical EQ, i will check them. I want to have control of the volume by hand. Making my sound card just transfer the sound with her algoritthm filter sound stage.

rp600m with pa3 amp seem really the way to go. I’m always afraid with all in one device (I’m not sure than i need all things than pma600ne offer)… i prefer to have separate stage.

And yes, Heresy III seem too heavy and powered… i saw a recording where the camera was vibrating.