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  • Type C, micro sd, 3.5mm coax and line out, 4.4mm bal, and 3.5 se
  • 2x ES9028Q, BT5.0 up to ldac, Wifi, MQA, Android 8.1
  • Build, sound, and features are pretty solid

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Z Reviews…

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Pretty, pretty, pretty good :ok_hand: (Larry David voice :laughing:). Only issue I’ve had is the update. When I received it, it needed an update and I tried to do it wirelessly but it kept saying “up to date” but I knew it needed an update by looking at Hibys site. So I did it locally and it worked fine. I also emailed HiBy and they actually got back to me (some have said in the past that they ignore their customers, so idk?). So I was please with Hibys help. It has a nice sound signature. Not too analytical, touch of warmth and it’s just enjoyable to listen to. Sounds good with the porta pros, elegia, and t2s. Used the Vérité as well and it held its own, but obviously better on a tube. All of these were out of the se port other than the t2 and Vérité but used an adapter, as I haven’t received my Hart order yet, soon! And to be honest the t2 balanced were my least favorite out of this so far. Oh and I haven’t felt the need to take it off low gain, but these headphones aren’t the hardest to drive (Probably only 50-60 on the volume at low gain and it was plenty loud). I would say this is an upgrade over the q5s but this is also a little more in price, so you have options lol. As I get more time with the r6 pro I’ll report back or feel free to hit me up. Nice device.
If you use Qobuz at all it’s a little glitchy at times but Qobuz and HiBy are aware and are working to make it better (we’ll see). Other streaming worked fine and local files were good too. So no worries there.
Edit: battery life is good too!


I have the R6 and this situation applies to the R5 and R3. With Z and many others not liking the glass back you have a couple options. 1- get a leather case or if you like the feel of the DAP without a case you can go with 2- get some Dragon Grips/skin from Amazon. I added this to my R6 and really like It. Not the greatest trim job but I’ll probably do it better in the future, but it’ll work for now. Some more grip on the back, makes it nicer placing it on a hard surface ( I honestly didn’t like placing mine on a hard surface prior to) and takes care of your mayonnaise hands.

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Hi Rhodey:

Looking to updrade from Fiio dac/amp and small Fiio player package for use with my Fearless S8Fs. Primary use is hiking, disc golf, etc. I’m thinking about buying the R6 Pro but wonder about the weight and size in my back pocket. Any feedback?

@MON Wonder if waiting for the Hiby R3 Pro is a better choice. Sound of the R6 Pro that much better? My usage is primarily flac files from my personal library. Oh yeah, I prefer a nuetral sound but not sterile.

Thanks much for any feedback!

Imo the r6 pro is an upgrade in mostly every way, but you pay for that


Yes, looking at the specs I assumed as much. Mostly the weight and carrying it around the back pocket of my shorts this summer has me a little concerned. May just go for it anyway.

Thanks @MON, really appreciate what you bring to this community!

I have the aluminum version and I don’t think it’s any heavier than the q5s. It might be but I didn’t notice a huge difference. The steel version is what most reviewers have and they talk about the weight.
With the r6 it’s all in one vs amp and phone. I like the all in one that the r6 brings.

It’s thicker than a phone but smaller footprint.

I use it when I take my dog for long walks and it’s never an issue for me. Pairs nice with the porta pros too haha

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Excellent, thank you. Done deal, ordering now :-):smiley:

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I will say the only issue that I had was Qobuz can be glitchy at times. They’re working on it tho. I talked to them about it and there was an update recently. Maybe a little smoother? Idk… Not sure if you’ll be using that or not but a heads up.

And I like to use NOVA launcher and it works really well on the r6

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Awesome, thanks for the tip. I mostly listen to flac files from my library. Thanks again!

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Ordered the R6Pro and leather case last night after comparing measurements to my Pixel phone. Will be a smaller but much nicer package than what I carry around now. Should be here by end of the week, so excited! Thank you both for the feedback!


Awesome, good to hear! I’ve been looking at the case too. I might get it eventually. Just use a skin on the back as of now.

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I’ll let you know how the case fits and feels when it arrives.

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Awesome, thanks!

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Hey @Rhodey, got the case and have been using it for a while. Fit is fantastic: Tight so unit does not slop/slide around and areas over buttons are slightly raised (for buttons) and imprinted so you can feel them when unit is in your pocket. I ordered the brown but do not like the shade. It is a lighter yellowish brown, not like the more mellow shade I saw in pics on Amazon (on my tablet). As they are fairly cheap I ordered the same case in black… Black is always good :slightly_smiling_face:

I love the Hiby R6Pro. Smaller and sounds much better than the older Fiio unit or my phone paired with the Fiio Q3 MKll I was using. Sounds great paired with my Fearless SF8Fs. Have ordered and should reciecve the new ThieAudio Legacy 9 this Wednesday. Hoping they will be a good compliment to the S8Fs and sound good with Hiby. Thanks for the info and push to try the Hiby!

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Awesome! Glad you’re enjoying it. The case sounds nice. May have to try it out.
The brown may darken over time with use. Skin oil will cause it to darken sometimes, and leather cleaner/polish can speed up the process too.

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Ordered the case. I’m sure it’ll be nice.

Oh and there’s an update, if you haven’t done it I would. Seems to make it run smoother and fixed some bugs.


I’ve got the Stainless R6 Pro and really like it, though it doesn’t get as much love as it might since I’ve also got a number of Astell&Kern players. I can confirm the weight is a big deal on the stainless model. That plus the wonderfully smooth, rounded edges make it feel ripe for dropping, lol.

In any case, the A&K players have a more polished, complete and professional feel to them (industrial design, software and sound quality are all top notch), but the R6 Pro has more-than-good-enough sound and the intuitive Android + Play Store flexibility. It’s really an excellent option.

The only issue I’ve had with my R6 Pro is slight radio interference from my phone if it’s right next to the DAP. However, “don’t do that” is a perfectly acceptable and much cheaper option that spending hundreds more on another player. :wink:


@Rhodey Hope you like the case! And thanks for the tip regarding new update. Just updated and played with it for a while; love the R6Pro.

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Thanks man.
Yeah it’s pretty nice.

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