Hiding purchases from one's spouse?

Am I the only one who does that? I tend to make audio purchase when she’s travelling and bemoan the fact that these days neither of us goes anywhere. I’ve been thinking of going back to my office to pick up some stuff including two pairs of headphones, but fear that if she saw them she’d finally realize how many I own!

My good lady see’s all my audio purchase sin’s and is fine by it even happy to attend Canjam with me…she was the one that told me to buy the Andromeda’s lol.


I would try to find a pair of ball’s first. :wink:
Right after that, put on the pants. Hiding and lying is always bad. Even in audio.


please delete this
advise is fine but mockery shouldn’t be a part of this positive community

Pretty sure this is in jest here, I don’t think there is any mockery meant

just think it looks bad… otherwise I would have just flagged it
not my sense of humor because you can’t tell if you actually did hurt somebody

If that’s how you treat each other…maybe you should check her handbag and shoe wardrobe…it’ll probably make your high end audio set up look like small change :wink:

I’m the target of that comment and I don’t mind it.


but you never know

I apologise. I overreacted after having to deal with mentally ill people all day.
Edit: not an insult and to be taken literally


No worries. We’re good. It didn’t bother me at all.


I have a pair of LCD 2 Closed coming later this week. Haven’t told my wife about it, but I’m sure she suspects something because she knows I’m selling things.

Edit: anyone want 177x, Vali 2, Garage 1217 Polaris, or Dekoni Blue? haha

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This entire thread is not in good taste, IMO. Previous threads here at HFGF have asked questions like “why are there no women in this hobby?” I submit that a big reason may be that many within the hobby have open discussions about if it’s OK and if so how to hide things from intimate partners and post pictures of traditionally attractive women under thread titles that include the term “endgame.” It is reasonable for any member of a group that is a target or subject of such conversations to be uncomfortable with such attitudes within the hobby and simply opt out. In general I agree that HFGF has been a more positive corner of both internet discussion and discourse within audiophilia. Such positivity has been, in part, because topics like this thread are relatively rare. I think we need to keep it that way.

Cheers all, and continue to enjoy the music this world has to offer.


I’m definitely not going to hide my new headphones…I’m going to put them on her head as soon as I know they work… @WaveTheory I just erased all the stuff I wrote because it sounded ridiculous. You’re totally right and I should have brought her over to my computer to show her that I found a sweet deal on a new set of headphones and laid out my plan for what I’m willing to sell to get them.

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My wife doesn’t really mind. We do expenses together and she enjoys my audio equipment.
She sometimes walks by my desk and asks “What is that” and then she tries them, and loves them.


Yeah it’s bad taste but it’s just playing on stereotypes and whilst it’s a tad crude, it is in off-topic so I’ll let it be

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I’m 50 and single. Don’t know if I’ve had my middle age crisis yet but I buy all the nice sheet I want, only try and use good judgement.


My wife does appreciate the sound improvements but not the cost haha. Ive been donating to biolife all year to pay for upgrades however. And it was her idea lol. Now when I mention an upgrade she just chuckles and shakes her head instead of worrying about the cost.

Biolife? I like it. You’re literally paying for your audiophilia with your blood.


Besides the usual couples stuff about spending money, i think the challenge here is that it’s hard for some to grasp why, for example, one’s apple earbuds aren’t good enough. And now that one has bought one nice headphone…which might be pretty low-end by audiophile standards but still far more expensive than what most people would pay–why it makes any sense to go and buy another.

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I tell my wife about every purchase. She’s fine with them all because they are all well within budget. Not trying to be rude, but I find if you do it that way, no issues. Honesty is the foundation of a good relationship.