Hifiguides 2019 Give-a-Way!

The winners have been selected! You will get a PM if you won!


You will have a chance to win other items in our room (9105) @ the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest!!

There will also be a TON of items added to the Yard-Sale (50% retail Starting Bid) after RMAF.


I’m interested in the Micca’s and the Vanatoo T0’s!

Both to use for my at-home work station. In desperate need of some bookshelves for a change/upgrade to my current 30 year old bookshelves.

edit - would also dig a pair of the KPH30i’s for the commute!

Have fun wish I was there would love the gashelli amp/dac stack for my argons that are coming in hope they can run them. If not then kph30i would be my next for a friend.

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I’d only wish for a pair of Micca RB42 (they don’t sell them in Europe) or a pair of KPH30i.


Vanatoo T0 would be my pick to help me dance more. Have fun at RMAF! Wish i could go.

I would most want the Geshelli Amp/DAC stack. I would use it to listen to my Sennheiser Hd650s and Sony MDR-SA5000s using Tidal.

I would love to have a Micca RB42 because I don’t have a speaker, I can’t afford one but I want one really bad

I really want an answer :slight_smile:
Sony Z7 worth $600? or should look something else, looking for closed fun n portable.

I definitely want the T0’s the most. Reason being is I’m getting into recording songs and would like to upgrade from my current “monitors”, Bose Companion 2’s.

Pair of micca RB42’s would be sweet to kick up my desk set up as its all FH5 right now so I’m on a IEM leash.

I’d love the Crown XLS 2002. I would use it to gain friends. That’s how it works right?


Hi, Thanks for doing the giveaway. I am personally very interested in the Geshelli Amp/DAC stack to use with my pair of JBL 305p’s that i’ll be receiving next tuesday since my Mackie Cr4bt’s had shit the bed, and with Sennheiser 58x Jubilee’s that I plan to get for Christmas.

Heyo interested in the RB42, gonna be remodeling my bedroom and i would love a pair on my desk.

I would be so happy to have the Micca’s! I’ve never been able to experience any nice speakers before. I would love to make this an opportunity to push myself toward enjoying good audio.

I would love to be placed in the raffle for the Micca RB42 & the Vanatoo T0 since I’ve been looking for bookshelf speakers to use at home.

All I have at the moment are my HD 6XX and IEMs for music. This would definitely complete my little setup. Thank you so much for doing this for us!

I’d love the Miccas or the Vanatoos, pair with my nice amp and run a super-fancy desk setup.
Will pay entire shipping + packaging to europe!
Especially since none of those are available in europe.

I would love the Geshelli Labs Dac/Amp Stack. I am going to RMAF but I hope my flight doesn’t get delayed or canceled due to the hurricane.