Hifiguides 2019 Give-a-Way!

I mean, I want the gashelli stack the most of course just because I am using a simple magni with a 50$ dac right now

Those Micca RB42’s got me :pray::pray::pray::pray::flushed::flushed:

Good luck everyone!

Crown XLS 2002 because think of what you could do with that power…the problem is that I’d still have to convince the wife to let me start redoing the home theater. You know, something simple, like a 2.0 front end…just don’t tell her I want to use Ohm Super Walsh 3.3010 or Ohm Walsh 3000 Tall in sapele or how much either cost.

But such plans would really delay me from purchasing whatever headphone comes after the Ether CX I’ve been listening to and modifying and writing about in the forums.

Definitely the Gashelli Amp/Dac Stack for my home office/music/dad cave. I got pushed out of my media room by the kids and wife, but they want the audio gear to stay…I need something for my 6XX, HE4xx, and DT770’s. Have fun at RMAF!!!

I’m interested in the Geshelli stack, which I would pair up with my hd650’s.

I would absolutely love a pair of the Micca RB42’s. I have to move out to my own place soon and having a pair of those would save so much room on my desk and sound so much cleaner than my giant old sony’s from the 90’s.

I’d go for the Gashelli Amp/Dac Stack for my computer/audio room that I work from. Can only imagine the difference in sound quality my HD650’s and my Adam Audio T5vs from being directly plugged into a dedicated Amp and Dac.

Definitely interested in the T0 the most. I’d love to gift them to my brother so he has some real speakers to listen to music on. RB42s would also be fun and would work in that same role or replace my current MB42Xs that I use in my home theater.

I’ll take your micca rb32’s because… Speakers! I’ll use them as luxury door bells

I’ve wanted to cop a set of the KCS75’s for a while now out of sheer curiosity. My setup right now is Monoprice modern retros (with brainwavs of course. Thank you zeos) being fed by an iDSD BL. It’s my first decent headphone setup so it’s made me super excited to try other things like iems and strange on ear gizmos like the 75’s. All great gear honestly. Thanks for what y’all do!

I’d like to have the Micca or Vanatoo as I don’t have any decent speakers. (Only old crappy speakers from 10 years ago)

I’m also interested in the Amp/Dac stack though as I only use the built in stuff on my laptop lol.

Any of the 2 headphones would also work well lmao

I would use any of the above mentioned products to enhance my music listening experience. I don’t want to pick one because literally any one of those things would be an upgrade from what I have, but if I have to, I’d pick either the Gashelli or the Micca’s for my computer room.

Would love some rb42s, haven’t been able to find them online or the gashelli stack. Can’t wait for rmaf it’s my first year going

I would love to have the Micca RB42s or the Vanatoo T0 for my college dorm room. I was going to get into speakers after college when I could afford it, but this would give me a little head start.
Thank you!

To be honest, I’m pretty happy with what i have. Saved up enough money to get an atom and modi and the 58x. I’ve been smiling like crazy listening to my music! If i want something, it would be a live stream of the room during the event.


I would like the Gashelli Dac Stack. I need a balanced DAC for my 789 THX amp which massdrop says will ship in november. I dont have a balanced DAC to pair with it. I got the Sendy Aiva’s to use with them. But this means ive run out of money =O

No balanced DAC for me and my 789 =(

Please sir may i have some more?

Definately the Vanatoo T0s or Miccas!! Would be my first serious speaker! Will use to enjoy music with of course :stuck_out_tongue:

But would also love the Crown XLS to power a pair of vintage floorstanders I’m currently using, I like them but they’re pretty cheap :sweat_smile: and the Gashelli Amp/Dac Stack would be great because my current dac makes a constant highish pitched sound (just from being on, but not in the audio channel outputs). Would be nice to have a quiet operating dac haha…

Ooo KHP30i? Would love one to replace my koss ktxpro1 with a broken headband.

I wish want the gashelli amp/dad stack to listen with my headphones.

I would mostly want the miccas just because I can never get them when there in stock and there my last thing I need for my dope set up.

I would like a pair of the Micca RB42 and the KHP30i. These will be my first pair of bookshelf speakers and they would be for my desk set up. I would use the RB42 to watch movies/shows and listen to music. I would use the KHP30i to listen to music. They will complete my collection of good price to sound ratio since I already have the Tin T2 and HD 58x.