🔶 HiFiMan Arya

This is the official thread for the Hifiman Arya. This thread is for discussion and reviews.


  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back
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I don’t know much about these other than that I REALLY need to try them. Everyone I trust who has heard them loves them.

I’ll do a longer write up in a couple of weeks but for now here’s my opinion. They are one of, if not the best open headphones I’ve heard. You should definitely try them if you get a chance.

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How good is the build quality? I tried the Ananda and the build quality was subpar.

It is still HiFiMan, not amazing but it doesn’t feel like anything will break. Hinges and the top are metal, cups are some sort of hard plastic. You could expect more at that price but for the sound you’re getting I think it’s more than acceptable. (Cable is shit though…)

I have to concur with Skedra’s assessment of the Arya in being one of the best cans i have heard in nearly all categories

Looking forward to his full review.

One thing i will say is that they need a lot of power to get them singing to their full potential.

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Dollag how much power are we talking? Would something an JDS Labs Atom be powerful enough for these or do they need serious power.

I have Ananda which I love and don’t take much power. I’m wondering if Arya are a viable upgrade or too close to bother. Has anyone heard Arya & Ananda side by side? Would love to hear a comparison.

Yeah Arya are a big upgrade, much more resolving, better low end, better timbre etc.

Atom should be enough even though I did push it to about 2 watts per channel on a quiet song…

they do need lots of power indeed… currently driving them from an nfb11.28 and it limits them, unfortunately :-/

also I’d like to add, I’m selling the following headphones because of these:

  • 58x
  • 6xx
  • hd600
  • dt1770
  • verum 1
  • 1more h1707
  • 95x (likely)
    let me know if you’re interested in any of these :smiley:

I like the look of those cables. Name?

Just saw a Joshua Valour review. Said these headphones are best of the year so far back in june 2019. I heard the Ananda and i was really impressed. but i didnt like the frequency response. just way too much treble. But now i really really want these lol. Check out his list for best headphones of the year so far in his description under “Show More” very interesting:

I would definitely rate them highly, I really enjoyed mine when I had it. The Arya is a step up in more than just FR

yeah, the detail and nuance is great. I love the sound of the large driver. you sold it?

Yeah I ended up preferring the he6

but… the HE6 has a smaller driver

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Yeah, but better sounding with a good amp imo, gave me more of the planar slam I was looking for

Im really interested in these myself, but a little too expensive for me. And besides it’s hifiman so here in like a year or so these will probably drop down to the 800-1000 dollar range so I can wait :wink:

You can find a used edition x v2 in that range which is pretty nice


Does anyone has ideas how does Arya compare to HE-1000 V1?