🔶 HiFiMan Arya

True. Eventually hoping to get my hands on the iCAN for that exact reason. But anything that edges warmer compared to the A90 is a win for the Arya (imo).

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I noticed a weird texture that looks like it’s on the diaphragm on the right cup. Looks like it’s raised in a couple of random places, which is easier to see when the light hits it just right. The inside of the left cup looks completely smooth in comparison. It doesn’t sound defective, but this doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence…

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That’s how the diaphragms of the HE1000 and Arya look with those tiny little rivulets that seemingly run perpendicular on the traces. In contrast, the HEX and Ananda drivers exhibit smooth traces.

Here’s a pic of the HE1000 diaphragm (please disregard the tape mod shown):

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Huh, okay. Curious that I don’t see any on my unit’s left cup, but maybe they’re smaller or something. At least I know it’s no reason to panic, thanks

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Hifiman quality control is indeed something to be aware of

I mainly wanted to try these because I found it odd that BGGAR would like a neutral-bright headphone, but I understand now.

These suit me and my library (in profile) way more than I expected. I was expecting them to be a specialist for maybe 20% of what I listen to, but nearly everything sounds good on them, as long as the recording isn’t already sibilant, super bright or really poorly recorded. I was shuffling through my library last night, which I don’t normally do, but I rarely felt like skipping a track or reducing the volume. Every now and then a track would start playing and I’d just be amazed and entranced by the sound.

I also find them more comfortable than I expected; I can get three hours out of them before the jaw pressure starts to get on my nerves

I used to think of cymbals as a “necessary evil” in metal before listening to these. Now they’re the cherry on the cake. Electric guitars sound amazing, although this headphone seems to prefer them with a warm tone. I also wasn’t prepared for the speed of this headphone; super-fast kick drum hits in technical death metal are clearly defined here.

The funny thing is, that based on my experience I’m still thinking about returning these. I get the impression that the one of the He_v2 models will sound better with the remainder of my library where the treble is too much, or where I want a touch more mid-bass. I just have to ask myself if I want to dip into my savings for another ~€500 for a HeKv2 or accept the trade-offs going to the HeXv2.

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Did you try the Ananda? Despite liking their sound, I had to send them back because of the pressure on my jaw/upper neck region. Sounds like… this is maybe not as much of a problem here?

I didn’t, no. I guess it depends on head shape. Or maybe the pads are softer or something like that. No idea!

Does Arya sound like a better HD660? Mobius? Or more like a better Sundara? HE-500? Or something else…? Sundara is definitely not my taste, but I think Mobius is excellent and the spaciousness and sound of HD660 is also great.

Arya is a bit bright

Kinda like HD800? DT1990? FH3/FD5?

Not really, just a slightly peaky Hifiman neutral/slightly bright frequency response. The bass however is very much present

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Give them time to settle/burn in, they do change to be more dynamic and more layered over time, IMO.

Saw your post. Arya has a much larger soundstage and presentation than Sundara. They also have more inner detail and have deep, detailed bass. They are a tad tight and bright out of the box but this improves with time and burn in, along with vocal and instrumental layering, IMO. When they’re well played in and on good recordings vocals and instruments can take on a physical quality and texture can be felt. Really impressive at times.

Wow, even bigger stage, huh? Hard to imagine. I didn’t think Sundara was bright, but definitely much too thin. Hopefully Arya sounds more vivid & meaty, at least.

Is a JDS Element 2 enough for the Arya? It does get loud enough on high gain mode but is the headphone well driven?

probably want a warmer source like a class A or tubes or hybrids

Ok but in terms of power ,is it enough ?

With 1.3W at 32 ohms, it should be just enough in terms of power.

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I don’t think it will power them to their full potential, higher-end hifimans scale A LOT with extra power.