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New addition, Premium Full Grain Leather X Honeycomb Mesh Series NMD Custom Pads.


For those wondering, “Comparison” here.


Experience shared by a client.

"I’ve been listening to them for a couple of days trying to get used to the new sound signature.

Comfort wise they are fantastic.

Design wise, I was surprised to see that they are angled forward much more than the original pads (i.e. the difference in thickness between front and back) - that definitely has an impact on sound profile. May be worth highlighting.

Sound wise, they sound great, except that they increase some treble around the 6-8k range and creating some sibilance. This is something I didn’t have with original pads that is a downside. I’m waiting a few more days to get accustomed and see if this goes away. I am generally not treble sensitive, but this is notable. The bass is very good with a hint of added texture. Sound stage is comparable (which is good, as it needed no fixing).

Generally positive overall, with one aspect of sibilance that I need to see how goes."

The Follow Up

"Yes, and It’s Great

i’d some it up like this - it’s a luxury purchase, that probably most people that buy a headphone at the 1-1.5k shouldn’t afford (it costs about $200 delivered vs. $50-100 of other known brand competitors). But it definitely feels VERY luxurious, super comfortable, and now that I’ve gotten used to it also sounds great.

So I’m happy I got it!! great job man. I’m curious, are you making these yourself? I never came across your brand before, is this a new startup? happy to give you a good plug."

Notable Mentioned.

"Thanks :slight_smile: I just replaced the EL34 tubes last week to fatty looking ones (Sophia Electronics), and also happens to sound great.

This definitely feels very luxurious, hand made item. One can tell this is quality. Just like picking up any high end product, it comes across immediately. The pads are VERY thick and wide, just as comfortable as any pads I put on. This enough would be worth it.

As to tonality, I love the Arya V2’s stock pad tonality, so wasn’t looking to fix anything (I like it better than the Stealth; and I also have the Susvara, and find the Arya V2 is different enough that I like keeping it). The good thing about the pads, frankly, is that they keep the original tonality more or less unchanged. One thing that is very notable, is that the pads are angled much more dramatically. The resulting change that I could note is that tredble around the 6-8k Hrz is elevated. This initially resulted in sibilance to my ears that I didn’t hear before. I did get used to it so it’s fading. I suspect that, to some, that slight increase in treble may be perceived as an increased sound stage, so it may prove to be a plus, depending on who listens to it.

I’d recommend it to someone that feels simply like splurging. That’s what this purchase feels like, and - sometimes - that’s good in and off itself :slight_smile: "

Photo credit by Mr. Eyal S.

*Gentle reminder to all NMD Custom Pads owner, remember to keep your leather pads healthy and hydrated :+1:t2:

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Back for more mod and production.

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