🔶 HiFiMan Arya

How long do you plan to keep it. Arya suffers from China sindrom. Market floded by god knows how many headphones all very similar, so none is interesting, and you will want to sell it but even used market is saturated. So if you like to rotate headphoes, sure get an Arya. I did now I will give it awayas soon as I will get the new Hedd. If on the other hand plan to keep the headphones, go with ZMF

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Not to mention the QC issues of Hifiman. I stay away from their headphones for that reason.

The Arya’s have held their value decently well since they’re a sought after model. I ended up getting mine at a discount. So I’m not concerned about loosing out on resale value if I decide to sell them later.

not sure in your area, but here I see a lot of them on sale of less then half the price and nobody touches them, so their value is even lower then that. 2nd. The fact that people just sell them, means the headphone itself is more a curiosity then a colection piece, and when I mean a collection, I mean something that you get it and keep the rest of your life to enjoy, like a HD600 or a DT880 600Ohm. You always keep those and return to them from time to time, not like a car collection that you have and never touch again.

Just out of curiosity where do you live that has half price Arya’s all over. I have to check that out.

Secondly, while you might be in love with the HD600’s and DT880 600 Ohm Beyers, I found both of them very boring and sold them after a few months of ownership.

Different strokes for different folks.

But please do link me up with all the half price Arya’s as I am Very interested.


I am from Romania and people don’t really send product abroad so it doesn’t really matter. You may want try this for 900 Euro but I am not sure even they send products in other countries: Casti Hi-Fi HiFiMAN Arya Resigilat la AVstore.ro.

As for the other 2 headphones, I still use them. HD600 mostly with iDSD Neo (v1), powered form a phone power bank, and take it outside when I am in the mood for a coffe and a cigar. DT880 I am keeping mostly because at some point I will get an OTL and I will need hi imedance headphones, and does provide a more fun alternative to HD600.

New Arya Stealth’s are $999.00US. New Organic’s are $1,299.00US.
€900.00 is no part of half price.

Well as I told you, here people do not ship internationally, and as I also said, I was talking sbout 2nd hand market.

That is what I was asking you about, the second hand market. I assumed that half price was referring to the second hand market.
Can you please link to some ads of the for Arya’s in good shape for €500-€600?

A lot of arguing over prices here, I think people need to take into consideration how many different revisions there are now: v1, v2, Stealth, Organic…prices and demand vary for all of them. The basic MSRP has also changed considerably; v1/v2 used to be, what, $1500 or $1200 US? I see v2 and Stealths pop up for $8-900 all day on r/AVexchange, sometimes even cheaper depending on wear. It’s kinda funny that they almost seem to have paralleled the Kef LS50 in that respect, super popular and respected on release but then the market got glutted with both units and revisions so the older ones have nosedived on price, both in blowouts and second-hand. Mind you, this is all from the POV of the US market, I can’t speak to international ones. I have a pair of v2’s that I got at a decent discount on (IIRC I paid ~$1100 when they were still $1500 new on average) and have seen them dip as low as $700 for the same condition, but I don’t really care because I enjoy them a lot and I think they were absolutely worth what I paid at the time. I am also of the mindset that if you buy anything audio-related with a thought that you’ll recoup your costs outside of reselling a used unit in extremely short term (i.e. within a month or two), then you are in for disappointment. It is not a hobby where things appreciate over time, and we are in a period where the market moves so fast with great gear at all prices that unless the hobby explodes in population, there’s no reason that most gear SHOULD retain its value. That being said, good is good and a loss of value doesn’t change how something sounds.

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Have you checked https://www.hifishark.com/ ? they also show the history of items already sold. There’s been some Arya stealth sold for $700-$800 on canuckaudiomart.

I have seen a few for that money. Original versions and well used. The OP stated that Arya’s have been selling at 1/2 price regularly. That is not true, unless you are looking at older generations that have been well used.

You will not see Arya Stealth’s or Arya Organic’s selling at half price for a few years.


I was going to ask if you would be doing rose gold. This is close enough. Are you selling them???

Hi, yeah sure…Ive done that before. Do pm me… would not want to flood here. Thank you

If anyone missed my post from the Deals thread, wanted to drop by and say that the Arya is available for $800 in a like-new condition.

It’s from Apos Audio Certified offerings, which is where the store sells refurbished gear that’s guaranteed to work and look like new.


Arya (no Organic) for 850€ or Ananda Nano for 600€?