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This is the official thread for the Hifiman Deva

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back

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you can find posts about it on Reddit, nothing official from HFM at this time, but it looks to be a step down from the Sundara, while giving you BT support for mobility.

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Seems to be build better than the sundara though, so who knows



Who ya got, a Deva or Amanda BT?

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you got a hi res copy of that image?

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No but you can probably add the missing headphones to this:


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Wow that looks really nice! I love that light brown color of the leather. But will it sound like the Sundara? you know what i heard in a video recently? the guy at resolve reviews said the Sundara had the best treble of any headphone he’d heard.

I mean I really like the sundara alot but I don’t think it’s that good, but I would take the sundara over a sendy driver type

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Seems like hifiman is having some problem of the bluetooth and fixing it. Only some reviewer in china got the demo units and due to the problems there are no review published yet. Also the exposed cables connecting both drivers are changed to internal design according to hifiman.

where did you get those details WFM?

From Chinese social media

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As seen below, the magnet structure bears some resemblance to the Susvara except, if the second picture showing the exploded view of the driver is accurate, the Deva seems to use single-sided magnets instead of the double-sided magnet array of the former. Hard to tell from that pic alone though. The FR looks interesting. It appears there’s some bass roll-off. Again, hard to tell without seeing the actual proper FR graph.

All I can say is it sounds nothing like the susvara lol (from limited listening at least). It was good though but BT was iffy

Wouldn’t think so at $300, lol. Completely different driver between the two.

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Helios-like FR? :scream: not for me lol

I know I could, or maybe even should, listen to music and enjoy lower volumes so I can enjoy some beautiful treble but… I think I got PTSD from dollar store headphones with zero bass lol.


I haven’t Googled…but are there any reviews or previews of them out there?

can you understand Thai?

Can you plug this headphone in? or is it wireless only? This is on sale now at the hifiman site. im tempted.

It could be run wireless or wired