Hifiman HE1000 vs V2 vs HE1000se vs Arya

I want to get one of those. I like warm and sensitive to S and highs and too much emphasis on treble. On all the headphone s I have I have to EQ or DSP adjust them if I want long session s or to really get lost in the sound. Bass is important but I don’t want overblown and inflated but clear and clean and detailed. So anyone heard all 4. Should I just go for the SE or save alot and go with V2 or even more saving with original. Looks matter alot to me and Arya looks ugly but if the sound is better than the trio and price is right I don’t see why not. I REALLY appreciate anyone helping me with this.

The bass on all of them is not overblown. It does rumble the earpads which gives psychoacoustic vibe to them. Treble is really good and resolution is great. I’d go with hekse with all the improvements they made over the others. Do you like laid back? I currently own hekv2 which is one of my favorites in my collection. I tired the se but broke after 5 minutes of use. You can’t go wrong with any of them but the se is the best one. I think midrange takes a few steps back but not in a bad way. I’d recommend buying on Amazon then returning what you didn’t like, that’s how I did it. Good luck.

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So I personally wouldn’t recommend the original HE1000 due to build issues, but the V2 is pretty great. The arya is solid but I do prefer the 1kv2 for sure, but that kinda comes down to presentation of sound, as the 1000 v2 has the edge in detail and is a bit more refined. I have not heard the se.

All of that being said, I like the he6se over all of them for fun (not including the 1000se because I have not heard them) lol


Just remember the he6se needs a lot of power.

Yes absolutely you have to factor in that cost

What’s better on he6se? I’ve thought about getting a set one day.

It has excellent bass and crazy spatial accuracy. It has more of the classic hfm tuning. The HE1000 v2 has a larger sound (because the driver is so large), but something about the he6se is just crazy good, and I can’t put my finger on it. The mids are more present on the HE1000v2 compared to the he6se though. The HE6 only sounds really good when you throw it lots of power with a good speaker amp though, otherwise the he1000 v2 would be the better choice

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I should also mention that the he6se and he1000se come with absolutely garbage cables. They feel super gross and do all sorts of weird things. Just be prepared for that if you go with an se model

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So he6se sounds a lot different then HEkv2? I see it’s got a lot of good reviews.
As far as cables go I always by 3rd party cables. On my HEkv2 rocking Silver Dragon by Moon Audio.

Nice, the cables on the se are just really poorly designed. Sound fine but really suck. The HE6 has a more fun tuning then the large hifiman’s


If you go watch Joshua valour’s first impression of the se, the way he describes the cable is priceless to me.

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I just took advantage of Hifiman’s HE1000 upgrade program and sent my HE1000V2’s in for a pair of HE1000SE’s. I was SO frightened to do this as I loved my V2’s and was hoping I would like the new pair and not be mortified that I’d made the wrong decision.
Long story short I made the RIGHT decision, the SE’s are nothing short of amazing! Smooth as butter, better EVERYTHING to my ears over the V2’s. Don’t get me wrong the V2’s are fantastic, but I like these even better. It’s a solid upgrade …


Glad you’re enjoying. How do the sounds signatures differ between the two?

First congratulations and I am happy that you are enjoying your new HE1000se!

Can you elaborate a little more on what you find to be better in comparison to the v2? I am curious to get your impressions especially in regard to bass qualities and mids/lower treble.

The V2’s are huger in soundstage, but more diffuse in their delivery. The SE’s are a little closer in, but far faster and tighter …some people had said the SE’s are brighter than the V2’s but they are NOT. I find the treble on the SE’s luscious and smooth. The sound is closer in but there’s more going on. I’m about 75 hrs into burn in and they’ve already changed from day 1.


Thank you!
Treble is awesome, very smooth and luscious. People say the mids are a little recessed until the cans have a couple of hundred hours on them. I have 75 hours on these and have primarily been listening to instrumental jazz so I’ll have to report back on the progress of the mids! So far though, EVERYTHING sounds great on the SE’s, I’ve been more than pleased with my decision.


One of the things I really loved about the V2’s was their massive soundstage. I thought I was sitting in a big huge room all the time. The SE’s are not quite as huge, like the room went from massive to medium size. Within that slightly smaller soundstage though is more precision, more smoothness, incredible visceral bass and pinpoint imaging. I wasn’t sure the first few days, but I’m sold now, the SE’s are definitely the more capable cans.

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Thank you for your impressions. I bought a new v2 as an upgrade from an Edition X V2, because they share the same hifiman version of a “warmer” signature and were more closely related in upgrade path, where as Arya and SE were closer in sigs/upgrade path. But, also I bought the v2 because there is at least for the near future, the option to take advantage of the upgrade program if desired.

Congratz again, Enjoy!

You bet…you can still take advantage of the upgrade if you decide to.
In the meantime enjoy your V2’s, they are also a fantastic headphone, I just loved mine!