🔶 Hifiman HE5SE

This is the official thread for the Hifiman HE5SE. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp Needed
  • Open Back


Pretty nice headphone, something to consider if you want a meatier headphone then a sundara, but still have a similar ish sound

meaty? what do you mean, meaty?

The he5se tuning is closer to the he500 and has really good bass and subbass with a more fun v shaped sound. They just sound more full and fun then the sundara in comparison. Also need a fair bit more power then the sundara to achieve this

Are these actually built well? I actually broke a pair of 400i by literally just picking it up. The yoke kinda just snapped in half.

That doesn’t happen with this style of headband anymore. They also fixed the headbands on new 400i with the reinforced plastic headband. I personally find the older suspension strap design on the 400i and 560v1 over the newer style because of the lack of cup rotation/swivel on the old version. I had my headband yoke snap on my he560v1 and hifiman sent over a new one with reinforced yokes, and it hasn’t snapped since lol