Hifiman HE6SE For $700

Nice video highlighting some Black Friday deals. I couldn’t pass up $1100 off the he6se:

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God dang it of course hifiman does that. I paid like 1.5k for mine (but you will want a speaker amp that’s more then the headphones lol)

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oh I know. Shopping for one now. Insane deal though

Yeah, just be weary that the amp makes a huge difference, so make sure you have a good speaker amp with lots of power (good quality too)

Any recommendations?

I am using a parasound Halo A21+ and it gets the job done great

Are you running the headphones directly from it? Or through your normal chain powered by the amp?

Direct through the hifiman speaker adapter

sweet. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Do you ever run any of your other headphones through it?

It comes with the 6, but I wouldn’t suggest running other headphones because most likely other headphones will be better off on an actual headphone amp

Hey Mon, if I wanted to run these thru good tube amps would 3-15 watts per channel suffice? How about 25 watts of good class A power? I have been thinking of a really good pair of Planar cans and at this price these definitely fit the bill… I’ve been reading the reviews real quick and these seem top notch across the board. The only negative to me so far is that they do not come in a beautiful wood finish. They are priced better than the Kennerton Valli I was looking at and much cheaper than the Thror or Odin which I really would never touch at their current price point. Is there anything in particular you dislike about these?

I would not recommend hooking these up to a tube amp, and imo to get the most out of them I would say you would want at least 50wpc into 8 ohms (preferably more)

I really like the sound but I think comfort could be abit better because of the headband and how the cups don’t rotate horizontally

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Ok…I went ahead and did the spending money thing. I’ll deal w/amplifier later, I like amplifiers and I’m not scared of more power. These things do not come w/ cables though, mind recommending a non-xlr, 6.5mm custom i can order?

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? The 6se should come with an xlr and a 6.3 along with the hifiman he6 speaker adapter

Nah, I am almost sure this deal did not include anything else in the box other than ears. I guess i can wait and see what shows up.

looking forward to them myself as well. I have an old Marantz amp that I saw a review mention worked well specifically with these so I too am holding off on the extra purchase for now

hmmmm, well then you could really get any 3.5mm to xlr and whatever other cable

but do pick up this adapter if you don’t get one (do it)

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I watched an unboxing that showed the cables and 1/4" to XLR adapter, but it didn’t show the speaker adapter. I’m hoping it includes it, but if not its still $1k less than retail price if I have to drop the $100

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Well the cables it comes with are kinda ass anyway (gross feeling, springy, and not good)

But you really do want to get that adapter to get what you pay for imo

Yeah for sure. I have a balanced Periapt cable I plan to use and not even touch the stock ones