🔶 Hifiman HE6SE

Looks industrially saucy… Saucy sauce sauuuccee saussse…

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Damn good price on these (don’t know the seller)…

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My He6se’s arrived today. I’ve been comparing them with my Edition XS. The He6’s seem more powerful in the vocals, more note weight or a little meatier in the electric guitar. And a bit more natural. But a little less sub-bass and a little smaller soundstage. But they make the Edition XS sound a sort of hollow or thin in comparison. the Edition XS sounds a little more artificial now as well.

These are things I never felt about the Edition XS before I started A/B’ing them with the He6se.


What amp are you pairing them with?

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I’m running a Topping A30pro and smsl su-8s dac.

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I really like my SMSL SU-8 DAC. It now works in my home office.

The biggest challenge with these is to find an amp that you love. With a good partner they are Great.

They sound better than the Edition XS stock vs stock on my a30pro, so I’m pretty happy so far! I’ve got the grill mod and some pads on the way.

I’m sure one day I’ll upgrade my amp, most likely to an A90D, unless something is better for the same price or less.

I did want the Jot 2 but I turned away because I was told they don’t play IEM’s well, and I listen to them at my desk regularly.

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cries in Edition XS:smiling_face_with_tear:

wouldn’t be shocked if topping announces a A90 MK2/A90D MK2 in the near future

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It’s called LA90

Have a Jot 2 and have tried the A90 (not the A90D though) - my ears preferred the Jot 2 but was definitely a fan of the 3 gain levels on A90 for a more versatile setup. Unfortunately, Schiit is notoriously stubborn so we will probably need to wait until Jot 3 before any new features will be added and even then, it’ll be a crap shoot (pun intended lol)

Well Schiit did make a few improvements to their lineup last year (DACs & a speaker amp), and Jason did state that there will be new products slated for 2023. So hopefully some of those will be in the form of their headphone amplifiers.