🔶 Hifiman HE6SE

UK I don’t know the seller but 100% feedback…a good price with grill mod too.

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Just using my HE6se V2’s today and loving them. I was on a binge for 17 days with my new Clear’s and wanted something different.
I recently jacked my laptop up to 100% in Windows. With this set-up my iFi Pro iCAN can’t get out of low gain or even near 12:00 on the dial. With softer stuff, I can get to 11:00.

While I love the Clear’s, these sound so clear, clean and wide it is amazing!
With Windows on 100%, I tried the Rebel and and it just sounded thin and that was in high gain. I didn’t bother with the tube amp and moved on to the Violectric V220. It was sounding really great and pretty full. But it couldn’t compete with bass boost. These headphones with the iFi amp are just magical. I will never sell these. They are here until they break. :grin:


According to hifiman customer support, they said the comfort headband is not supposed to be compatible with the HE6 se v2… Did you need to do any special modification to get it to work?

You have to disassemble the headphones, and pop out the screw housings that are in the cups. But that’s it. Once you do that, the pegs on the comfort headband fit right into the holes that are left.


I see cool thanks!

I wonder if the same thing might be possible with a sundara

Possibly? It looks like the Sundara uses a similar headband to the egg shaped Hifimans though. It’s going to come down to how wide the Sundara cup is.

I see, ya the width seems the same but not sure about the holes

Sundara Cup is the same size as HE6se but I think getting the headband off would be much more difficult

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I see, yeah I found this post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/yet77f/sundara_swivel_mod/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x

It seems like with the Sundara, you can actually swap the headband to Beyerdynamic DT series headbands without removing the yokes? According to this reddit post, the yokes are an exact fit to the Beyer adding just a slight amount of swivel.

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I kindof want to try putting this on the HE6 SE v2

Isn’t that what the original HE6 came with?

Looks more like the headband from the 4xx

Yeah its the “original headband” sold on the hifiman website - what they have on the 4xx. I actually find this old headband more comfortable and prefer the look to the HE6SEv2 / HE560v4 type… The HE6SEv2 headband is okay but it creates just a little bit of pressure on the top of my head which can be uncomfortable over time

Starting my week with my V2’s. I always love going back to this combo.


You also could look at a video from UK custom cans were he shows mods for the 400se, there he shows how to get a notch into those headbands :wink:


+1. I wish to try that sometime soon on mine.

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I’ve been wanting to try out the He6se for a while, I finally have them on the way!

What pads would you guys recommend now? I guess pads that help improve the bass and soundstage would be good.

Where’s the best place to get the grill mod?

Can’t say much about pads, since I’ve not bothered, but for the grill mod I got mine from the guy linked in this post.

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I just installed the “original headband” from hifiman on the HE6 SE v2… It works, its actually not exactly compatible but I was able to install it using the original screws from the HE6 SE v2. The cups here actually have these short protruding plastic tubes that the screw goes into so the yokes are not an exact fit, but I just flexed the yoke slightly and applied some pressure to screw it on with the original screws, and this works.

I like it, for me it feels comfortable, along with these ZMF Ori pads there is a tiny bit more clamp pressure than the original headband but it takes the hotspot off the top of the head and for me feels more snug and comfortable.

The headband is similar to the HE4xx band but the round piece connecting the yoke to the band is unbranded and a shiny chrome color which kindof matches the drivers with the honeycomb grill installed.